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As presented last solstice, due to the exceptional coexistence of Jupiter and Neptune in the very deep waters of Pisces (this had not happened since 1856), in this year 2022-6.1 the call to the central Truth resounds very powerful, to the “Father’s House”, to the common Root or essential Communion among all worlds, basis of the New world Religion.

Evidently, in the apparent world of human meanness, everything seems to “row against”, yet it is undeniable, in the light of the wide-ranging indications provided by the Wisdom Tradition, that these last years of the so-called stage of the Forerunner (1945-2025) in sight of the initiatory peak of 2025see humanity necessarily forced to accelerate its evolutionary march, in the direction of “becoming aware” and taking responsibility with respect to its own Future and that of the other natural kingdoms.

Just as conflict and war are not the opposite of Harmony and Peace, but the temporary absence of those universal principles (which sooner or later cause the need for Transformation), so Communion, or Brotherhood, the primary Idea of ​​near future (era of Aquarius), will assert itself at all costs on separativeness, with the help of contrary energies:

“Each intensified force has its affirmed opposition. Each intensified force has its purpose. The bridges consolidated by the enemy are the best ascent. Only when all adversaries are strained in opposition can the greatest plan be introduced into life. Thus every foundation employs Tactica Adversa.” (Infinity II, § 372, Agni Yoga Collection)

Tactica Adversa is the tactical exhausting of the adverse. Precisely, when the Light Forces wish to fulfill some plan on Earth, they make allowances for all possibilities, envisioning even the worst circumstances, so that success can be guaranteed even under the worst conditions. Then every improvement of the conditions is already an unexpected plus. Thus, from the worst is derived a benefit. When such tactics are applied, the enemies often contribute to the success.” (Letters of H. Roerich I, p 448)

And, in the fury of the battle for Lifethe Jupiter’s 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom and the Neptune’s 6th Ray of abstract Idealism and Compassionvery powerful in Their Pisces Sign, teach especially this year not to confuse sin with the sinner, not to see the children of the same Father as enemies but as victims of our temporary ignorance and absence of Love and Harmony. The One Humanity one day must and will have to recognize itself as such, at any costand the sooner the less pain it will get.

The causal Energies of Heaven ceaselessly set up channels of liberation and solution, and here is the sense of raising one’s eyes to heaven and listening to its incessant help, as much and how it is possible:

“…People must learn to turn to the Supermundane World. Earthly events prove that people, despite everything, do not recognize the possibility of communion with the Source of Power. Many misfortunes plunge multitudes into despair, but even amidst calamities people do not know how to accept Help.
The Thinker often pointed out, “Do not give in to despair, for by doing so you reject the Help.” (Supermundane 3, § 520)

And therefore, the heliocentric and geocentric Heaven Charts of the next Help Impulse (for the 2nd quadrant 2022 from the March equinox to the June solstice),

Heliocentric Chart 20 March 2022 h. 3.34pm UT

Geocentric Chart 20 March 2022 h. 3.34pm UT

guided our heart storming to establish the following Guide-Formulas to assert the evolutionary Plan from the ‘plane of Causes’, as a Human Group/One Humanity (the Formulas of the initiatory impulse of the Aries-Libra equinoctial Axis update and develop the previous ones of the Solstitial Beginning – Capricorn-Cancer axis):

Solstice December:

Solar Love and Compassion attract to the Mystery of Brotherhood

We are immortal and Unity is our destiny

March Equinox:

The Light of Brotherhood reveals the power of mental union

Christ in us, certainty of glory

On a heliocentric level, the tension between the Luminaries of the Mind dominates (Saturn conjunct Mercury, square to Venus and Uranus in the powerful Signs of the Fixed Cross) which is reflected on all the other Luminaries/Solar Principles, vibrating between Capricorn and Pisces: the Disciple-Humanity (the Earth) is called to the power of mental union in the Name of Brotherhood. One acquires the power to transform and build the Future starting from the abstract mental plane, which only knows how to shape or lead back to the World of Causes, of Ideas, of the supermundane Brotherhood. Such is the Middle Way to apply the Evolutionary Laws (Earth at the Gates of Libra) to the conscious construction of a future worthy of the Fourth Human Hierarchy:

“… It should be understood that for the acceptance of Our currents the organism must first of all be made more subtle by mental refinement. The broadening of consciousness was stressed long ago, but it is still misunderstood. … A true broadening of consciousness must increase one’s receptivity and discrimination. Only deep thinking can assist in such purification. For communion with Us one must learn to think.
He who does not know how to think properly loses himself in a tangled thicket of contradictions, instead of discovering all-encompassing meanings. Only through untiring striving can one free oneself from the web of earthly ties. Without free will, one cannot move toward a broad understanding of the unique aspects of the Supermundane…”. (Supermundane 3, § 521)

Willing to follow the Supermundane Plan and its creative Rhythms, the most propitious Dates in which to think about the Future and to build with the Celestial Help are above all those of the Unions or Conjunctions between the Luminaries/Solar Centers. To each human spirit to listen and imitate their symphony and meaning:

Video of the Conjunctions / Causal Directions of the 2nd quarter 2022

In particular, among the causal Directions let’s highlight:

– the powerful and disruptive conjunction between Mars and Pluto in Capricorn of April 192022, which recalls the previous one at the end of May 2020 (at a geocentric level they happen in the 1st quarter 2022 and at the equinox 2020: war in Ukraine and two years ago the spread);

– the dazzling and ‘purifying’ triad Mars-Saturn-Venus in Aquariusin a regime of quadrature with Uranus, on the third decade of May;

– the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces of 6 June (see solstice article);

– the beautiful unifying triad Neptune-Venus-Jupiter in Pisces of 11 June.

The geocentric ‘repercussion’ sees some of these energy concentrations at different times. In fact, already starting from the equinox, the high tension between Aquarius and Taurus (Mars, Venus and Saturn square to Uranus) seeks outlets to the conflicting thrusts, also confirmed by the Moon, Mother of forms, in Scorpio. The wonderful coexistence of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in the Sign of the Savior asserts the winning weapon:

Christ in us, certainty of glory!

The Christ principle of Love-Wisdom “moves the sun and the other stars” and cannot be stopped by the temporary and unconscious “pipeds” of the Blue Planet.


Fundamental dates from the ‘local’ (geocentric) point of view are:

– the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune on April 12reached by the solar Angel Venus At the end of April: easing of the inner and outer gravity of the world situation?

passage of Jupiter at 0° Aries on May 11: a new 12-year cycle begins for the expansion and evolution of consciousness.

Mars between Neptune and Jupiter In the third decade of May: from the solar plexus to the heart, from selfish desire to compassion and will-to-good.

Finally, the important transit of the celestial UranusLord of the Order and “He who makes all things new”, at the center of Taurus on 23 May at a heliocentric level (geocentric will be on 9 May 2022, January 10 and February 5, 2023).

It is the Festival of Light for the New Group of World Servers:

From chaos to Beauty: everything is Light! *

* See solstice article.

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