Heated plot experiments reveal link between warmer early winters and lower crop yields

Innovative experiments using temperature-controlled field plots have helped to explain the link between early winter temperatures and yield in some of our most marketable arable crops. Credit: Phil Robinson – John Innes Centre Innovative experiments using temperature-controlled field plots have helped to explain the link between early winter temperatures and yield in some of our … Read more

Researchers find a ‘people-centric’ approach to surveys yields better data on diverse communities

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A recent survey by University of Toronto Scarborough students not only gleaned important information from hundreds of households across Toronto, it provided critical insights on the act of surveying diverse communities that could help other researchers boost participation in future projects. The researchers involved in the Community Voices study—an effort to … Read more

Urban crops can have higher yields than conventional farming

Urban agriculture can use both green spaces, like this community garden, and “gray” spaces such as rooftops and vertical walls to grow food for the city. Credit: Roots in the City Community Garden in Liverpool As populations boom, urban agriculture is urban looked to as a local food source and a way to help combat … Read more

Ancient DNA yields surprising findings on world’s earliest seafarers

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain New genetic research from remote islands in the Pacific offers fresh insights into the ancestry and culture of the world’s earliest seafarers, including family structure, social customs, and the ancestral populations of the people living there today. The work, described in the journal Sciencereveals five previously undocumented migrations into a subregion … Read more

PCR test for Okinawa mozuku could increase yields and lead to climate-tolerant strains

When cultivating mozuku, germling ‘seeds’ are grown in flasks, and transferred to nets in tanks after budding. The nets are then moved to the ocean where the mozuku grows into mature, edible seaweed. The yield of mozuku changes yearly, due to cultivation difficulties. Credit: OIST A simple PCR test could be used to improve cultivation … Read more

Less air pollution leads to higher crop yields, study shows

Science Advances” width=”800″ height=”339″/> Credit: Lobell, et al. / Science Advances Usually, increasing agricultural productivity depends on adding something, such as fertilizer or water. A new Stanford University-led study reveals that removing one thing in particular—a common air pollutant—could lead to dramatic gains in crop yields. The analysis, published June 1 in Science Advances, uses … Read more

Chicago police data study yields index for identifying networks of criminal cops

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain New research led by Northwestern University can help officials identify hidden networks of officers engaging in misconduct and criminal behavior within police organizations. The study shows that police misconduct is a group phenomenon that contributes to a disproportionate number of arrests in minority communities. The study, “Identifying Misconduct-Committing Officer Crews in … Read more