Storms are getting worse. What does that mean for our health?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain As adverse weather events like heavy rainfall, subsequent flooding and heat waves grow more severe and increase in frequency, checking the weather forecast means much more than knowing if you need an umbrella: Extreme weather is inextricably linked to our safety and well-being. Though Western Pennsylvania is not usually vulnerable to … Read more

History of DDT ocean dumping off LA coast even worse than expected, EPA finds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain After an exhaustive historical investigation into the barrels of DDT waste reportedly dumped decades ago near Catalina Island, federal regulators concluded that the toxic pollution in the deep ocean could be far worse—and far more sweeping—than what anticipated scientists. In internal memos made public recently, officials from the US Environmental Protection … Read more

Climate change isn’t just making cyclones worse, it’s making the floods they cause worse too

Super cyclones, known as hurricanes or typhoons in different parts of the world, are among the most destructive weather events on our planet. Although wind speeds within these storms can reach 270 km/h, the largest loss of life comes from the flooding they cause—known as a “storm surge”—when sea water is pushed onto the coast. … Read more

India, Pakistan must brace for even worse heatwaves

Extreme heat across much of India and neighbor Pakistan in March and April exposed more than a billion people to scorching temperatures well above 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). The devastating heatwave that gripped India and Pakistan over the last two months is short, but worse—perhaps far worse—is on the horizon as climate change continues apace, … Read more