When you Google the word ‘tick,’ you’re helping science

Ticks in different developmental stages. Credit: Per Moestrup Jensen Knowledge about the spread of tick-borne diseases is extremely limited and notoriously difficult to acquire. A new study from the University of Copenhagen demonstrates that internet searches just might be the way to keep an eye on ticks and other effects of climate change. Tick ​​season … Read more

Study shows program improves teaching skills, students’ word problem–solving

Credit: Michael J. Orosco et al Students learning to solve math word problems can struggle to combine mathematical and language skills. For English language learners, the fastest-growing minority in US schools, that challenge can be even greater as they attempt to learn math concepts in a second language. Published in the Journal of Learning Disabilitiesa … Read more

The essence of the word “religion” – TPS – English

At the beginning of the sixth Septennium of the Plan, illuminated by its main goal, the “New World Religion”, we feel it is important to deepen together the etymology of “religion”, because the common rediscovery of this word is the solid and shining adamantine base that can encourage the vision of new reflections every year. … Read more