World Space Week: astronomy in an age of satellite constellations

There were 4,852 active satellites in orbit around Earth at the beginning of 2022, and the number is growing rapidly. The night sky is a resource open to all of us, but it’s rapidly becoming a ‘tragedy of the commons’ scenario. Thousands of satellites in the night sky are not only ruining the beauty of … Read more

SpaceX crew mission ‘top priority’ amid busy week of Falcon 9 launches – Spaceflight Now

SpaceX’s Dragon Endurance spacecraft stands on pad 39A atop a Falcon 9 rocket ahead of liftoff on NASA’s Crew-5 mission. Credit: SpaceX SpaceX’s next astronaut launch for NASA, set for Wednesday from Kennedy Space Center, is one of three missions on the company’s schedule this week from launch pads in Florida and California. The crew … Read more

World Space Week centers space sustainability for this year’s events

Humanity’s role in space exploration is once again being celebrated. The 2022 edition of World Space Week starts Tuesday (Oct. 4), with events highlighting the theme “Space and Sustainability.” The week is timed with the 65th anniversary of the Sputnik launch from the Soviet Union, which became the first human-made object in orbit on Oct. … Read more

NASA’s Artemis 1 mega Moon rocket to launch next week

Derek Richardson August 26th, 2022 The Artemis 1 Space Launch System rocket with the Orion spacecraft sits at Launch Complex 39B in Florida ahead of its planned Aug. 29 launch to the Moon. Credit: Theresa Cross / Spaceflight Insider The first fully-integrated flight of the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, Artemis 1, is set … Read more

Final week of Artemis 1 preps include Orion closeouts and booster servicing – Spaceflight Now

A member of NASA’s Artemis ground team is seen inside the white room near the Orion spacecraft’s hatch during rollback of the Space Launch System moon rocket to the Vehicle Assembly Building on July 2. Credit: Stephen Clark / Spaceflight Now Ground teams at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center will load fuel into the Space Launch … Read more

New dog food? Study shows your dog’s gut bacteria could turn over within a week

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain When a dog starts a new diet, the community of microbes in its gut changes. Wallflower bacteria multiply to dominate the scene, with the old guard slinking off in defeat. As microbial species jostle for control, their metabolic byproducts, many of which are critical for Fido’s overall health, change as well. … Read more

Shark Week, the ‘Jaws effect’ and how more great whites in the water are changing human behavior

Credit: Evan Prasky Cape Cod resident Doug Fraser realized he had made the right decision to give up boogie boarding in favor of a standup paddle board the day a great white shark swam under him and rolled over to take a closer look. From his standing position on the paddle board, Fraser was able … Read more

A little piece of Washington state blasted into space this week

A portion of the DynaMoS research team at Kennedy Space Center: (LR) Kim Hixson, Janet Jansson, Yuliya Farris, Marcia Garcia. Credit: Andrea Starr, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory A tiny piece of rural Washington state—and some of its “inhabitants”— blasted off into space from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, July 14. The inhabitants are … Read more

See the ‘Wonderful Star’ Mira at its peak brightness this week

This week, the “Wonderful Star” is expected to reach its peak brightness and should be readily visible to the naked eye. This Wonderful Star is Mira, located in the constellation Cetus (the whale), and what makes it wonderful is its ability to vary in brightness by some 250-fold over a span of about 332 days, … Read more

SpaceX mission this week to kick off busy launch calendar for SES – Spaceflight Now

The SES 22 communications satellite during encapsulation inside SpaceX’s payload fairing. Credit: SpaceX A new European-built television broadcasting satellite to cover the United States is set for liftoff Wednesday on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the first of 11 SES-owned telecom spacecraft scheduled to fly on six launches from Cape Canaveral by the end of … Read more