Watch Mars at opposition meet the full moon next week (Dec. 7)

Every once in a while, something will appear in the sky that will attract the attention of even those who normally don’t bother looking up. It’s likely to be that way in the evening hours of Wednesday (Dec. 7) when the full moon will appear in very close proximity to the now-brilliant planet Mars. In … Read more

How to watch Our Universe: Netflix & the BBC’s new interstellar documentary series

Our Universe is a new nature documentary coming out on November 22, 2022 narrated by Morgan Freeman and produced by BBC Studios. Utilizing modern technology and exquisite computer-generated visual effects, this series takes the nature documentary format one step further and looks at the wider context of our Earth within the universe. It explores the … Read more

RoboCop streaming guide: Where to watch the RoboCop movies online

The streets are getting rough out there and the corporations are tightening their grip further, so it’s probably a better idea to stay at home and watch an awesome set of films from our RoboCop streaming guide. Ever since his first outing in 1987, this metal-clad hero has been cleaning up Detroit with the intent … Read more

Watch NASA’s Artemis 1 SLS megarocket moon launch in free webcasts

NASA’s huge Artemis 1 rocket is counting down to a planned Aug. 29 launch to the moon and when it does, you’ll be able to watch the historic mission live online for free. The space agency will host a series of Artemis 1 webcasts this week and next leading up to the uncrewed launch on … Read more

Watch NASA’s Artemis 1 moon science and rocket rollout webcasts

NASA’s Artemis 1 moon mission is poised to launch a new era of US lunar exploration this month. You can learn the science behind the flight (and watch its towering rocket head to the launch pad) in a series of webcasts next week. Artemis 1 is an uncrewed test flight of massive Space Launch System … Read more

Watch 4 rocket launches in free webcasts Thursday Aug. 4

Rocket fans, rejoice! If you’re a fan of spaceflight, then Thursday (Aug. 4) will be a banner day with no less than four different rockets launching missions off planet Earth. Rockets built by Rocket Lab, the United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin and SpaceX will launch into space today (if all goes well). The China National … Read more

Star Wars Celebration 2022: Everything to know, how to watch online

Sci-fi fans the world over have been bombarded this week with news, interviews, comments and quotes on just about every aspect of the “Star Wars” universe. Not only is the latest live-action spin-off show “Obi-Wan Kenobi” dropping on Disney Plus this Friday, May 28, but after an agonizing two-year postponement, this weekend the annual Star … Read more

Watch live: Living Planet Symposium 2022

Applications 05/20/2022 101 views 2 likes Held on 23–27 May in Bonn, Germany, the Living Planet Symposium brings together scientists and researchers, as well as industry and users of Earth observation data, from all over the world to present and discuss the latest findings on Earth science and how satellite data support environmental research and … Read more

Blue Origin’s NS-21 space tourism launch: When to watch and what to know

Blue Origin will fly six people into suborbital space this week on the company’s fifth crewed mission. The flight, known as NS-21, is the 21st flight of the New Shepard vehicle overall (hence the name). Liftoff is set for Friday (May 20) at 9:30 am EDT (1330 GMT) from the company’s Launch Site One near … Read more