Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery

The Greek island of Santorini, traditionally known as Thera, experienced one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the Holocene epoch, most likely between 1609 and 1560 BCE, according to a new analysis by Sturt Manning, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Classical Archaeology. Credit: Sturt W. Manning One of the largest volcanic eruptions in … Read more

Wave created by Tonga volcano eruption reached 90 meters—nine times taller than 2011 Japan tsunami

The eruption created an initial wave 90 meters high. Credit: University of Bath The initial tsunami wave created by the eruption of the underwater Hunga Tonga Ha’apai volcano in Tonga in January 2022 reached 90 meters in height, around nine times taller than that from the highly destructive 2011 Japan tsunami, new research has found. … Read more

Risk of volcano catastrophe ‘a roll of the dice,’ say experts

Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, which had one of the largest eruptions in the last millennium in 1257 (magnitude 7). Credit: Dr Mike Cassidy The world is “woefully underprepared” for a massive volcanic eruption and the likely repercussions on global supply chains, climate and food, according to experts from the University of Cambridge’s Center for the … Read more

Antarctica’s only active volcano shows how CO2 allows volcanoes to form persistent lava lakes at the surface

Left: 3D visualization from the magnetotelluric scan of Erebus interior (red is most conductive and magma rich); Right: schematic depiction of magmatic processes. Upward flow from a deep crustal valve zone undergoes episodic breakthrough of CO2 and entrained magma. Spatially continuous upflow of CO2-dominated magma is in contrast to depth-limited magma zones of H2O arc … Read more

Massive eruption of Tongan volcano provides an explosion of data on atmospheric waves

Science (2022). DOI: 10.1126/science.abo7063.″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> Global distribution of recording geophysical sensors used in this study and remotely-observed eruption chronology. (A) Sensor map. Background image is brightness temperature difference (Himawari-8) at 07:10 UTC on 15 January 2022. Selected four-hour pressure waveforms are filtered 10,000–100 s. GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System; RO, radio occultation; DART, … Read more

Researchers home in on Thera volcano eruption date

The volcanic craters of Aniakchak II (left) and Thera (right). Credit: Charlotte Pearson A University of Arizona tree-ring expert is closer than ever to pinning down the date of the infamous Thera volcano eruption—a goal she has pursued for decades. Charlotte Pearson, an associate professor in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, is lead author of … Read more