Scientists unveil new system for naming majority of the world’s microorganisms

Fluorescent-stained bacteria (pink) and archaea (green) from near-boiling water from Great Boiling Spring in Gerlach, Nevada. Credit: Jeremy Dodsworth What’s in a name? For microorganisms, apparently a lot. Prokaryotes are single-celled microorganisms—bacteria are an example—that are abundant the world over. They exist in the oceans, in soils, in extreme environments like hot springs, and even … Read more

Researchers unveil key processes in marine microbial evolution

This tree corresponds to the best maximum-likelihood tree inferred using an alignment with 7,160 sites and the GTRCAT model in RAxML99. The tree contains 16,821 OTUs generated from PacBio sequencing of 21 environmental samples (no reference sequences were included). Ring no. 1 around the tree indicates taxonomy of the environmental sequences, with all major eukaryotic … Read more

NASA, ESA unveil advanced architecture for Mars Sample Return

On July 27, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) unveiled a new advanced mission architecture for the upcoming Mars Sample Return mission. Additionally, NASA completed its system requirements review for the mission, bringing the ambitious project one step closer to the completion of its conceptual design phase. The new mission architecture takes advantage of … Read more

President Biden to unveil first science image from Webb telescope – Spaceflight Now

EDITOR’S NOTE: President Joe Biden will hold participate in a White House event at 5 pm EDT (2100 GMT) Monday to reveal the first science image from the James Webb Space Telescope. Additional images will be released Tuesday. Our colleagues at Astronomy Now will host a live webcast of the image unveiling beginning at 4:45 … Read more

Researchers unveil part accelerator region inside a solar flare

A new study offers the first direct evidence showing where near-light speed particle acceleration occurs inside the largest explosion known in the solar system, the solar flare. Credit: Sijie Yu of NJIT/CSTR; NOAA GOES-16/SUVI Solar flares are among the most violent explosions in our solar system, but despite their massive energy—equivalent to a hundred billion … Read more

Researchers unveil a secret of stronger metals

For the first time, researchers have described how the tiny crystalline grains that make up most solid metals actually form. Understanding this process, they say, could theoretically lead to ways of producing stronger, lighter versions of widely used metals such as aluminum, steel and titanium. Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Forming metal into the shapes … Read more

Astronomers Unveil Image of the Milky Way’s Central Black Hole – Sky & Telescope

Today at multiple press conferences given simultaneously around the world, scientists with the Event Horizon Telescope project unveiled the first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy. That black hole, Sagittarius A*, packs the mass of 4 million Suns into a region smaller than Mercury’s orbit around our star. Sgr A* … Read more

Astronomers unveil first image of the Milky Way’s central black hole – Spaceflight Now

STORY WRITTEN FOR CBS NEWS & USED WITH PERMISSION The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration unveiled the first image of the super massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, showing a ring of blazing, super-heated material just outside the shadow of its event horizon, the gravitational point of no return for anything falling … Read more