How to watch Our Universe: Netflix & the BBC’s new interstellar documentary series

Our Universe is a new nature documentary coming out on November 22, 2022 narrated by Morgan Freeman and produced by BBC Studios. Utilizing modern technology and exquisite computer-generated visual effects, this series takes the nature documentary format one step further and looks at the wider context of our Earth within the universe. It explores the … Read more

Webb uncovers dense cosmic knot in the early Universe

Science & Exploration 10/20 2022 262 views 8 likes Astronomers looking into the early Universe have made a surprising discovery using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Webb’s spectroscopic capabilities, combined with its infrared sensitivity, have uncovered a cluster of massive galaxies in the process of formation around an extremely red quasar. The result will … Read more

Arecibo Won’t Be Rebuilt – Universe Today

The National Science Foundation announced last week that it won’t rebuild or replace the iconic Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which collapsed in 2020. Instead, the NSF says they have solicited calls for proposals to build a multidisciplinary educational center at the site. Additionally, the plans do not appear to allow for any future science … Read more

Astronomers see Tantalizing Evidence for one of the First Stars to Form in the Universe

According to the predominant cosmological model, the first stars in the Universe formed roughly 100,000 years after the Big Bang. Known as Population III stars, these early stellar masses were very large, short-lived, and contained virtually no metals or heavier elements. Over time, elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and iron formed in their interiors through … Read more

The ‘Fantastic Four’ visits an alien universe in new graphic novel

Celebrated artist Alex Ross has been delivering indelible images of comic book superheroes for almost three decades, redefining the way caped crusaders, masked vigilantes, and dastardly villains are portrayed in his signature Norman Rockwell-esque style. The talented Midwesterner launched onto the scene in 1994 for the memorable “Marvels” miniseries with writer Kurt Busiek, then scored … Read more

EP-WXT pathfinder catches first wide-field snapshots of the X-ray universe

EP-WXT Pathfinder targets a region of the Galactic center at the core of the Milky Way. Inset shows the 800-second time-lapse photograph from the observation. Credit: CAS/ESA/Gaia/DPAC EP-WXT Pathfinder, the experimental version of a module that will eventually be part of the wide-field X-ray telescope (WXT) aboard the astronomical satellite Einstein Probe (EP), released its … Read more

A New Study Confirms That Gravity has Remained Constant for the Entire age of the Universe

For over a century, astronomers have known that the Universe has been expanding since the Big Bang. For the first eight billion years, the expansion rate was relatively consistent since it was held back by the force of gravitation. However, thanks to missions like the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have since learned that roughly five … Read more