Matter at extreme conditions of very high temperature and pressure turns out to be remarkably simple and universal

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Scientists at Queen Mary University of London have made two discoveries about the behavior of “supercritical matter”—matter differences at the critical point where the between liquids and gases seemingly disappear. While the behavior of matter at reasonably low temperature and pressure was well understood, the picture of matter at high temperature … Read more

In search of universal laws of diffusion with resetting

by The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences Diffusion with resetting is a quite common phenomenon, but only now have the universal conditions that must be met to achieve its steady states become known. Credit: Source: IFJ PAN The manner in which animals penetrate a neighborhood searching for food shows similarities … Read more

Universal UK school-based mindfulness training to boost teen mental health probably not warranted

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain School-based mindfulness training, universally applied across the UK in a bid to boost teen mental health and well-being, probably isn’t warranted, suggesting the results of a cluster of 5 studies, published online in a special issue of Evidence Based Mental Health. The overall evidence for the effectiveness of the approach, as … Read more

Breakthrough in quantum universal gate sets: A high-fidelity iToffoli gate

Experimental schematic of the high-fidelity iToffoli gate at the Advanced Quantum Testbed. Credit: Yosep Kim/Berkeley Lab High-fidelity quantum logic gates applied to quantum bits (qubits) are the basic building blocks of programmable quantum circuits. Researchers at the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) conducted the first experimental demonstration of a … Read more

From one death, thousands of precious cells help scientists build a universal reference library

by Lisa M. Krieger Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Moments after being taken off life support, an anonymous Bay Area woman gave the most abundant of gifts: 17 different tissues and organs. Some were transplanted into strangers in need, but many others were rushed off on a unique mission. They were donated for research—contributing to a … Read more