Breast cancer cells use force to open channels through tissue

An illustrated microscope view of a 3D culture of cancer cells. A cancer cell generates forces (in red) moving the tissue material farther. The new technique detects the material movement to compute cellular forces. Credit: Juho Pokki/Aalto University Researching how cancers grow and spread has conventionally been done on two-dimensional, flat cultures of cells, which … Read more

Minerals can be key to healing damaged tissue

Gene set enrichment analysis graph consisting of interconnected gene sets of different hMSC treated with nanosilicates and its ionic dissolution products. The effects of nanoparticle and mineral ions on extracellular matrix organization, glycoproteins and proteoglycans are shown. Credit: Texas A&M College of Engineering and Texas A&M College of Medicine Every species, from bacteria to humans, … Read more

How immune cells enter tissue

Macrophages, a type of immune cell (purple), utilize the division of a tissue cell (green) to invade tissues. Credit: © Maria Akhmanova/ISTA To get to the places where they are needed, immune cells not only squeeze through tiny pores. They even overcome wall-like barriers of tightly packed cells. Researchers at the Institute of Science and … Read more