Can fungi help the grasses of Texas cope with climate change?

From left to right, Rice University graduate student Ali Campbell splits opens grass stem and collects a thin layer of tissue, which will be examined later under a microscope for the presence of symbiotic fungi. Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University As anyone who’s crossed Texas on Interstate 10 can tell you, the Lone Star State is … Read more

Florida, Texas, Central US could see the biggest increase in hot days, new modeling shows

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new report examines how dangerously high temperatures could increase over the next 30 years and reveals a grim outlook for much of the nation, especially a vast swath of the central US where residents aren’t accustomed to extreme heat. South Florida is forecast to see the biggest increases in the … Read more

Fossils of 30-foot prehistoric marine lizard unearthed in Texas

One sweltering afternoon this spring, Stephen Kruse trekked along a dry creek bed with a backpack full of fossils. An amateur enthusiast, Kruse has been interested in dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures since he hunted for rocks with his brother as a kid. That afternoon, he was hiking by himself near the North Sulfur River, about … Read more

Most but not all Texas coaches say they’ll plan for climate change

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A survey of coaches and athletic officials in Texas indicates many of them would be wise to think harder about the risks their students face as the climate changes, according to Rice University researchers who conducted the statewide study. Rice climate scientist Sylvia Dee led a survey of Texas coaches, trainers … Read more

Research supports recognizing new scrub jay species in Texas and Mexico

A California scrub jay eyes the camera. Credit: Deveon DeRaad A comprehensive new genetic and statistical study from researchers at the University of Kansas reveals that two groups of scrub jays—one in Mexico and one in Texas—deserve status as independent species. The paper, appearing in Systematic Biologyalso uses genomic data to sketch a natural history … Read more