NASA crashes DART spacecraft into asteroid in historic test

LAUREL, Md. — For the first time in history, a spacecraft from Earth has crashed into an asteroid to test a way to save our planet from extinction. The spacecraft, NASA’s Double Asteroid Rendezvous Test (DART) probe, slammed into a small asteroid 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) from Earth tonight (Sept. 26) in what … Read more

New study allows scientists to test therapies for rare neurodegenerative disease affecting young children

In this image of a human STEM cell derived neuron, the Trk-fused gene protein (TFG) is shown in green and the Golgi Apparatus, the organelle which helps package proteins for transport to the rest of the body, is shown in red. Credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison For the first time, scientists will be able to test … Read more

NASA completes cryogenic tanking test on Artemis 1 moon rocket – Spaceflight Now

Vapors stream away from NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket during a cryogenic tanking test Wednesday. Credit: NASA Engineers filled up the Artemis 1 moon rocket with more than 750,000 gallons of super-cold propellants in a tanking test Wednesday at Kennedy Space Center after troubleshooting a persistent hydrogen leak. NASA’s launch director said she was … Read more

NASA teams prepare for SLS fueling test to inform launch date

As part of continued troubleshooting and seal replacement validation efforts, teams at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida will take the SLS rocket through a Core Stage and Interim Cryogenic Propulsion System (ICPS) fueling test on Wednesday, Sept. 21. NASA officials hope the test will reveal no leaks of the liquid hydrogen (LH2) system, which … Read more

NASA’s DART asteroid-impact mission will be a key test of planetary defense

When NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) slams into the tiny asteroid Dimorphos, it will be our first attempt to demonstrate our ability to deflect dangerous incoming asteroids. For decades, scientists around the world have been scanning the skysearching for potentially hazardous asteroids in the vicinity of Earth. And as astronomers discover near-Earth asteroids in … Read more

NASA delays SLS tanking test, next launch opportunity – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket on its launch pad. Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography NASA said Monday it is now targeting Wednesday, Sept. 21, for a critical fueling test on the Space Launch System moon rocket, which could allow for another attempt to launch the unpiloted Artemis 1 lunar test … Read more

NASA’s Orion spacecraft faces test for moon flight and deep space

Humanity is preparing to journey further into space than ever before. Humankind will be returning to the moon, and eventually, setting foot on Mars for the first time. These next steps in crewed space exploration are part of the Artemis mission. And a key component of this mission is the crew vehicle, the Orion spacecraft, … Read more

NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket arrives at launch pad for lunar test flight – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket arrives at launch pad 39B Wednesday. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky NASA’s towering 322-foot-tall (98-meter) Space Launch System moon rocket and Orion spacecraft arrived at their seaside launch complex early Wednesday after an overnight rollout from an assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center, moving a step closer to liftoff no … Read more

Test chamber for NASA’s new cosmic mapmaker makes a dramatic entrance

This illustration shows a cross section of NASA’s upcoming SPHERE mission, revealing the spacecraft’s telescope and detectors surrounded by three shiny photon shields that protect them from the sun. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech After three years of design and construction, a monthlong boat ride across the Pacific Ocean, and a lift from a 30-ton crane, the customized … Read more

New at-home, saliva-based COVID test as effective as PCR in preliminary analysis

Penn State researchers developed an at-home, saliva-based testing platform that can provide results in 45 minutes. In preliminary tests, the platform detects the COVID-casing virus with the same level of sensitivity as PCR tests. Credit: Kelby Hochreither, Penn State PCR tests, also called molecular tests or nucleic acid tests, are considered the gold standard in … Read more