NASA teams prepare for SLS fueling test to inform launch date

As part of continued troubleshooting and seal replacement validation efforts, teams at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida will take the SLS rocket through a Core Stage and Interim Cryogenic Propulsion System (ICPS) fueling test on Wednesday, Sept. 21. NASA officials hope the test will reveal no leaks of the liquid hydrogen (LH2) system, which … Read more

SLS ready to roll to LC-39B for launch, teams prepare for multiple launch trajectories

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket has completed all pre-launch preparations inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and is ready for its 4.2-mile (6.7-km) journey to Launch Complex 39B. The multi-hour rollout process is currently set to begin at 9 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 16 (01:00 UTC on … Read more

Orion teams ready for Artemis 1 as pre-launch preparations head into the home stretch

With the Artemis 1 mission just weeks away from launch, teams at NASA and the program’s contractors are carrying out final preparations for this major milestone in the effort to return humans to the Moon. NASASpaceflight sat down with Mike Hawes, the Vice President and Program Manager for Orion at Lockheed Martin to discuss how … Read more

Can ethical leaders make teams more creative?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The ubiquity of social media means that in today’s business environment, an organizations’ actions are highly visible to the public. Social media platforms provide a strong voice for consumers and advocacy groups that previously struggled to be heard. As a result, businesses and chief executives are being called out and made … Read more

NASA’s solar forecast is turning out to be wrong. This team’s model is still on track.

Solar cycle 25 kicked off last year. Forecasters thought it would be a mild one, but it’s turning out to be quite the opposite. From its onset, this solar cycle has been steadily outpacing predictions, producing more sunspots and spinning way more solar wind, flares and eruptions than the world’s leading experts predicted. But while … Read more

InSight teams push for more science in lander’s final months, Curiosity continues trek around Gale Crater

In May 2022, members of NASA’s InSight Mars lander team announced that power levels on the lander were diminishing and that they expected the lander to become inoperative by December 2022. However, InSight’s teams want to push the lander to do as much as possible in its final months and have decided to operate the … Read more

Boeing, NASA teams give Starliner final go for OFT-2 mission

NASA, Boeing, and ULA teams, along with international partners, have finished the agency Flight Readiness Review (FRR) ahead of the Orbital Flight Test 2 (OFT-2) for Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft. Following the valve issues that scrubbed OFT-2’s launch attempt in August of 2021 and the communication and software issues that caused Boeing’s first OFT mission to … Read more

Blasting Earth’s location out to potential aliens is a controversial idea. Two teams of scientists are doing it anyway

Bruno Gilli/ESO, CC BY” width=”800″ height=”394″/> Scientists think there are 300 million habitable planets in the Milky Way, and some may be home to intelligent life. Credit: Bruno Gilli/ESO, CC BY If a person is lost in the wilderness, they have two options. They can search for civilization, or they could make themselves easy to … Read more