Toward sustained, stable Raman imaging of large samples at the nanoscale

Conventional nanoscale imaging is usually difficult to perform for large, micron-scale samples owing to drifts caused by thermal effects and vibrations. Now, researchers from Japan address this issue with a newly developed imaging system that compensates for such drifts. Credit: Professor Prabhat Verma from Osaka University Raman spectroscopy, an optical microscopy technique, is a non-destructive … Read more

The moon sustained twice as many impacts as can be seen on its surface, scientists find. — ScienceDaily

Around 4.4 billion years ago, the early solar system resembled a massive game of space rock dodgeball, as asteroids and comets, and, later, smaller rocks and galactic debris pummeled the moon and other infant terrestrial bodies. This period ended around 3.8 billion years ago. On the moon, this tumultuous time left behind a heavily cratered … Read more