A fulcrum for sustainable production of maize and rice in Africa

Critical to our knowledge, the study detailed new insights on how, why, and to what degree maize and rice yield responses are expected to vary in sub-Saharan Africa. Credit: K. Amouzou/APNI Efforts to improve the yields of staple cereal crops like maize and rice at scale in Africa remain seriously hampered by the effects of … Read more

Palm oil’s implications on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Environmental Research Letters (2022). DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/ac6e77″ width=”800″ height=”444″/> Distribution of studies according to year of publication and impact for each SDG: positive (above the line) or negative (below the line). For each SDG, the total number of studies as well as the selected number of studies reporting markedly positive (P) or markedly negative (N) effect … Read more

Researchers engineer first sustainable chromosome changes in mice

By fusing two medium-sized chromosomes, researchers produced the first sustainable engineered karyotype for lab mice. This mouse carries two chromosomes fused together. Credit: WANG Qiang Evolutionary chromosomal changes may take a million years in nature, but researchers are now reporting a novel technique enabling programmable chromosome fusion that has successfully produced mice with genetic changes … Read more

Students from poorer regions rate Sustainable Development Goals as more important than those from richer regions do

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain In 2015, the member states of the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The central element is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These include “Zero Hunger”, “Clean Water”, “Responsible Consumption” and “Life Below Water”. The SDGs relate to all three pillars of sustainability, ie social, economic and … Read more

The pace of the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In watching the reaction of advocates and experts to the Supreme Court’s decision in EPA v. West Virginia, I was struck by their dismay that the EPA would no longer be able to implement rapid sweeping change in the nation’s energy system. I have a little news for these experts: the … Read more

A new design of sustainable cropping diversifications

Credit: Jeroen CJ Groot, Xiaolin Yang Cropping systems are one of the most important components in the crop production system, which is intensified to feed a growing global population. Previous studies focused on high yield with less attention to production of nutrients and vitamins for human diet. Since the Green Revolution, a winter wheat-summer maize … Read more

Reaction insights help make sustainable liquid fuels

Nature Catalysis (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41929-022-00808-0″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> Approach to mapping the catalyzed generation and evolution of hydrocarbons. Schematic of the multi-technique strategy used in this study to unravel the growth of the carbon chain, from the formation of the first C–C bond to the generation of coke in MTH and MCTH over H-ZSM-5. The comparative … Read more

Book considers more sustainable food production methods

In his new book “Regenesis,” journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot describes problems associated with agriculture now and into the future. He also gives examples of how agriculture can be improved to produce healthy food sustainably. He does this in an engaging manner by combining his own experiences with an impressive knowledge of the literature. … Read more

Developing sustainable membranes for future energy

Dr. Suzana Nunes (left), KAUST professor of chemical and environmental science and engineering, and Dr. Stefan Chisca (right), KAUST research, examines a container of the polymer scientist used to manufacture membranes at the Nanostructured Polymeric Membrane Laboratory, KAUST. Photo: KAUST / M. Weche A recently published paper in Science “Polytriazole membranes with ultrathin tunable selective … Read more

Women in simulated space missions demonstrate more sustainable leadership

KTU researcher Inga Popovaite at MDRS. Credit: Inga Popovaitė A new study based on Mars Desert Research Station commanders’ reports reveals differences in female and male leadership behavior. Although both genders are task-focused, women tend to be more positive. The genders also differ in their approach toward their team—while men focus on accomplishments, women emphasize … Read more