Plants can measure the intensity of salt stress

yellow > green > blue. Credit: AG Kudla” width=”800″ height=”315″/> As an immediate reaction to elevated concentrations of salt (NaCl), the concentration of calcium in the cytosol of a specific group of cells increases within one minute. Shown in false colours: red (highest concentration) > yellow > green > blue. Credit: AG Kudla Unfavorable environmental … Read more

Long-term relationship with owner reduces horses’ stress reactions in new situations

OcĂ©ane Liehrmann guides a horse to a soft, unfamiliar surface, on which this horse has never walked on. Credit: Veera Riihonen A new study, published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, shows that horses can be more reluctant in new situations if they have multiple riders, have had several owners or the horse has been with … Read more

Business owners who perceive stress as enhancing personal growth and better engagement

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain You own a small business, and you find yourself stressing about, among other things, staffing, payroll, supply chains, the economy and the latest strain of COVID-19. Sure, you’re overwhelmed, and you see the stress as debilitating. You’re probably doing it wrong, says Samantha Paustian-Underdahl. Paustian-Underdahl, an associate professor in the Department … Read more

New metrological technique uses stress for nanotomography

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Researchers from Skoltech and their colleagues in Russia and Spain have reported a proof-of-concept demonstration of a new radiation-safe method for mapping the internal structure and stress distribution in samples of materials at the nanoscale, with a resolution about 100 times higher than that of the currently available techniques: X-ray and … Read more

Ketogenic diet helps mouse muscle stem cells survive stress, study finds

Cell Metabolism (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2022.04.012″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> Graphical abstract. Credit: Cell Metabolism (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2022.04.012 Fasting sends muscle stem cells into a deep resting state that slows muscle repair but also makes them more resistant to stress, according to a Stanford Medicine study of laboratory mice. The protective effect can also be achieved by feeding … Read more

Teachers’ stress isn’t just an individual thing, it’s about their schools too

Credit: Shutterstock Stress is common among teachers, and recent reports suggest it’s getting worse. We need to understand the sources of this stress to improve support for teachers. Growing teacher shortages in Australia underscore the need for this support. It is also important to identify whether there are patterns of stress experienced by individuals and … Read more

Fossilized pollen may reveal ‘fingerprints’ of environmental stress

Credit: Burke Museum It’s around this time every year that we start to remember the existence of pollen, the microscopic reproductive cells of cone-bearing and flowering plants. Airborne pollen may induce annoying congestion for some, but a new paper shows that these grains may provide a new way of looking at the climate over 300 … Read more