Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery

The Greek island of Santorini, traditionally known as Thera, experienced one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the Holocene epoch, most likely between 1609 and 1560 BCE, according to a new analysis by Sturt Manning, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Classical Archaeology. Credit: Sturt W. Manning One of the largest volcanic eruptions in … Read more

Using science to solve a 1,300-year-old art mystery

Dancing Horse, 608-907 CE, China, Tang Dynasty, earthenware with pigments, Cincinnati Art Museum, Gift of Carl and Eleanor Strauss, 1997. Credit: Cincinnati Art Museum The Cincinnati Art Museum turned to a scientist at the University of Cincinnati for help solving a mystery 1,300 years in the making. The museum’s Chinese dancing horse sculpture is so … Read more

Task demonstrability a key component for how groups solve problems most effectively, study shows

Credit: Pexels There is no “I” in team … but there is a “me.” According to a new study of organizational teams, enhancing task demonstrability may be the key method for how an individual can convince a group to choose the correct solution to a problem. “In group decision-making, it can be so difficult to … Read more

Flood risk is rising across the St. Louis region. Who will solve the problem?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The region’s sewers, creeks and storm drains were no match for last week’s record-shattering rainfall—a remarkable downpour not just for its first total, but also for its intensity. Pouring water sprawled over creek banks, across roads, and into homes and vehicles, stranding hundreds and killing two. Leaves overtopped in St. Petersburg … Read more

Engineer uses ancient art of origami to solve a very modern aerospace problem

A starshade can help find exoplanets, but getting one inside a rocket is a challenge. Credit: Manan Arya If you’ve ever made an origami paper crane, using folds and creases to transform a square piece of craft paper into the delicate long-necked bird, it may seem odd that those same folding techniques are being used … Read more

Colorado’s efforts are not enough to solve its ozone problem

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A year after health officials issued a record number of alerts for high ozone levels on Colorado’s Front Range, federal and state officials are trying to rein in the gas that can make outdoor activities a health risk. But new Colorado laws aimed at improving air quality along that urban corridor … Read more

4 big Milky Way mysteries the next Gaia mission data dump may solve

A treasure trove of data is set to answer some big questions about our galaxy. The data, compiled by the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission, contains an amount of information about more than 1 billion of the brightest objects in the sky. Astronomers hope the new data, which will be released June 13, will help … Read more

Stronger gravity in the early universe may solve a cosmological conundrum

The inflationary epoch that caused our universe to rapidly expand in its earliest moments may be connected to the modern era of dark energy, thanks to a phantom component of the cosmos that changes the strength of gravity as the universe evolves, a physicist proposes in a new paper. The traditional approach to understanding gravity … Read more