Flooding is not the ideal solution

An inundated riparian peatland in northeast Germany after 12 years of rewetting mainly colonized by Typha latifolia and instrumented with an automated chamber system for greenhouse gas flux measurements. Credit: Dominik Zak Intact peatlands are habitats for many rare animal and plant species and important sinks for greenhouse gases. Many peatlands that have been converted … Read more

Seaweed-munching bovine chews on solution to methane problem

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain With a nose painted dark walnut, Nugget’s body is the color of a lightly toasted marshmallow. Her hair is soft when brushed one way, coarse when brushed the other. Weighing a queen-size 1,200 pounds, she likes to retreat to the back of the barn after her afternoon feeding frenzy concludes. It’s … Read more

A nutrition solution can help heat-stressed cows as US warms

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Rising temperatures pose major challenges to the dairy industry—a Holstein’s milk production can decline 30 to 70% in warm weather—but a new Cornell-led study has found a nutrition-based solution to restore milk production during heat-stress events, while also pinpointing the cause of the decline. The study, published Aug. 2 in the … Read more

How diluting with water makes a solution firm

Graphic representation of phase transitions. Credit: Koen Pieterse In ScienceTU/e ​​researchers have published their study on new phase transitions of solutions and gels in water, which seem to go against the basic principles of chemistry, and which they discovered by accident. In chemistry, a hydrogel changes to a liquid by diluting it with water. For … Read more

Why does inside of solar system not spin faster? Old mystery has possible new solution

Credit: Shutterstock The motion of a tiny number of charged particles may solve a longstanding mystery about thin gas disks rotating around young stars, according to a new study from Caltech. These features, called accretion disks, last tens of millions of years and are an early phase of solar system evolution. They contain a small … Read more