Astronomy For Equity: Building Hope Through the Night Sky

Have you ever attended a star party, where amateur astronomers set up telescopes and invite the public to take a look at the night sky? If so, then you understand and appreciate how much these part-time but incredibly enthusiastic stargazers love to share the wonders of our Universe with others. That type of passion and … Read more

4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit star projector review

4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit: Key specs Size: 6.75 x 2.5 x 8.5 inchesBulb Type: LEDRotation: NoSleep timer: NoSpeaker: NoProjection Surface: Not specified We’ve discussed the best binoculars for kids previously, and highlighted the benefits of kids feeling independent and learning about the stars and planets, but what if it’s a cold, cloudy … Read more

Brightest stars in the night sky can strip Neptune-sized planets to their rocky cores

Artist’s concept of a Neptune-sized planet, left, around a blue, A-type star. UC Berkeley astronomers have discovered a hard-to-find gas giant around one of these bright, but short-lived, stars, right at the edge of the hot Neptune desert where the star’s strong radiation likely strips any giant planet of its gas. Credit: Steven Giacalone, UC … Read more

Hubble’s Future in the Webb Era – Sky & Telescope

The Hubble (left) and Web (right) images of the SMAC 0723 galaxy cluster are shown side by side. Find interactive comparisons here. John Christensen / WebbCompare Perhaps you’ve heard: The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the latest and greatest observatory in space, wowing the astronomical community with amazing images released last week. But amid … Read more

Solving an Earthshine Mystery – Sky & Telescope

In his painting Two Men Contemplating the Moon, 19th century German artist Caspar David Friedrich depicts the earthlit portion of the waxing crescent with a brighter edge (top). The cause is likely a contrast effect complemented by particulars of lunar geography.public domain Have you ever looked at a crescent Moon and noticed that the rim … Read more

See a Rare Transit of Iapetus on July 17–18 – Sky & Telescope

The arrows point to Saturn’s moon Iapetus as it tracks west over a pale cloud zone in the planet’s northern hemisphere on April 29, 2022. Observers will see a similar transit on the night between Sunday and Monday, July 17–18, lasting many hours.Darryl Milika and Pat Nicholas Saturn’s the place to be this month. A … Read more

Asteroid Bennu Almost Swallowed Spacecraft Whole – Sky & Telescope

This mosaic of asteroid 101955 Bennu was created using data from NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft, which visited the asteroid from late 2018 to mid-2021. NASA GSFC / University of Arizona Rubble piles in space aren’t like the solid ones that gravity holds on the ground. New analysis shows that NASA’s OSIRIS-REX probe punched right through the … Read more