Researchers unveil a secret of stronger metals

For the first time, researchers have described how the tiny crystalline grains that make up most solid metals actually form. Understanding this process, they say, could theoretically lead to ways of producing stronger, lighter versions of widely used metals such as aluminum, steel and titanium. Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Forming metal into the shapes … Read more

Newly discovered lake may hold secret to Antarctic ice sheet’s rise and fall

The coast of Antarctica’s Princess Elizabeth, near where the ice sheet meets the sea. Newly discovered Lake Snow Eagle lies a few hundred miles inland, under the same ice sheet. Credit: Shuai Yan/UT Jackson School of Geosciences Scientists investigating the underside of the world’s largest ice sheet in East Antarctica have discovered a city-size lake … Read more

Environmental DNA reveals secret reef inhabitants

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain An international research team uses a global sampling of seawater to reveal which tropical reef fish occur where. To identify species and families, they successfully used the residual DNA shed by the animals present in the water. But not all fish can be traced in this way. Tropical coral reefs are … Read more