Upcoming Missions Could Search for Ancient Alien Technology Within the Solar System

Over sixty years ago, the first search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), known as Project Ozma, was conducted. This campaign was led by legendary astronomer Frank Drake, which relied on the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia to listen to Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani for any signs of radio transmissions. Since … Read more

New mapping tool to support the search for high-quality nature-based carbon credits

NUS Professor Koh Lian Pin (right) and his research team collaborated with ST Engineering Geo-Insights to develop the Carbon Prospecting Dashboard. The dashboard pictured in the screens helps policymakers and investors identify the location of nature-based projects, and the estimated yield of carbon credits calculate and return-on-investment and quantify the co-benefits of the projects. Credit: … Read more

Search for clues may explain collapse of ancient city in Mexico

Feben Ruscitti, a senior majoring in anthropology and classical studies, and Serena Webster, a graduate student in anthropology, sift through dirt to recover any missed artifacts from the excavation site in Mexico, July 2022. Credit: Andrew Somerville/Iowa State University Built more than a thousand years before the Aztec arrived in central Mexico, Teotihuacan was once … Read more

Fish can help in the search for multiple sclerosis drugs

Zebrafish and humans both have a GPR17 receptor. In the study, the fish receptor was replaced by its human counterpart. This makes it more likely to find pharmacologically active substances. Credit: AG Kostenis-Gomeza / University of Bonn The zebrafish should be known to many aquarium enthusiasts, mainly because of its striking pigmentation. However, the characteristic … Read more

Researchers use purified liquid xenon to search for mysterious dark matter particles

Xenon purification system at SLAC. The two central columns are each filled with almost half a ton of charcoal, which is used to produce ultra-clean xenon for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment. Credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer Orrell/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Sitting a mile below ground in an abandoned gold mine in South Dakota is a … Read more

Alien Artifacts Could Be Hidden Across the Solar System. Here’s how we Could Search for Them.

Do aliens exist? Almost certainly. The universe is vast and ancient, and our corner of it is not particularly special. If life emerged here, it probably did elsewhere. Keep in mind this is a super broad assumption. A single instance of fossilized archaebacteria-like organisms five superclusters away would be all it takes to say, “Yes, … Read more

In Trouble on the Moon? A 911 Call for a Search and Rescue Organization

Surely, the idea of ​​surviving and thriving on the moon is a first-rate realization … but not dying there. As nations set their eyes on the moon, specialists are starting to plot out international lunar search and rescue plans. The aim is to design, make operational, and deal with legal and organizational matters in case … Read more

Europe’s troubled Mars rover still vital in the search for life

The stars have not been aligned for Europe’s first Martian rover ExoMars, but scientists still think the aging vehicle can play a big role in answering one of the biggest questions in Mars exploration: has there ever been life on the Red Planet? The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover is probably the … Read more

In search of universal laws of diffusion with resetting

by The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences Diffusion with resetting is a quite common phenomenon, but only now have the universal conditions that must be met to achieve its steady states become known. Credit: Source: IFJ PAN The manner in which animals penetrate a neighborhood searching for food shows similarities … Read more

Search for best strategy to control COVID-19 outbreaks without hurting tourism leads to one key policy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain What policies should be the ideal COVID-19 strategy to control outbreaks without closing borders and compromising the tourism economy? The search for answers led researchers to one crucial protocol. To contain the pandemic, various policies restricting travel have been put in place. These policies, however, harmed many economic sectors, especially tourism. … Read more