SpaceX rocket launches BlueWalker 3 satellite, ace 14th landing

SpaceX launched a novel — and colossal — commercial communications satellite into orbit late Saturday and set a new launch record for its Falcon 9 rocket at the same time. The Falcon 9 launched into orbit from Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida carrying 34 of SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites and BlueWalker … Read more

Preparing the MTG-I1 weather satellite for launch

CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO” width=”800″ height=”450″/> To meet more than the 20-year operational life of the mission, the full Meteosat Third Generation system comprises six satellites: four Imaging (MTG-I) satellites and two Sounding (MTG-S) satellites. This image features one MTG-I satellite (in the foreground) and one MTG-S satellite. When fully, the system will include two … Read more

MTG-I1 weather satellite shows off

Applications 09/09/2022 200 views 9 likes Before Europe’s first Meteosat Third Generation Imager leaves the south of France at the end of the month aboard a ship bound for French Guiana, this remarkable new weather satellite has been taking center stage at Thales Alenia Space’s facilities in Cannes. The satellite is in its very last … Read more

Eutelsat internet satellite launched aboard Ariane 5 rocket – Spaceflight Now

A European Ariane 5 rocket lifts off from Kourou, French Guiana, with the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS broadband satellite. Credit: Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace/P. Piron A powerful Eutelsat commercial communications satellite launched Wednesday aboard an Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana, heading into orbit on a mission expected to last more than 15 years to provide broadband connectivity … Read more

High-power European broadband satellite set for launch from French Guiana – Spaceflight Now

The Eutelsat Konnect VHTS satellite during testing at a Thales Alenia Space facility in Cannes, France. Credit: Thales Alenia Space An Ariane 5 rocket is set to blast off Wednesday from French Guiana — a day later than planned due to a poor weather forecast Tuesday — with a Eutelsat-owned satellite designed to beam broadband … Read more

Morpheus Space’s big moves in satellite mobility industry

The heavens are currently swarming with miniature satellites that are being launched into obit seemingly every week, with plans for massive satellite constellations from companies like SpaceX and Amazon coming to the cosmos soon. With all these cubesats and more being rocketed into space for a wide range of governmental and private providers, there’s a … Read more

War in Ukraine highlights the growing important importance of private satellite companies

Private companies have launched dozens of imaging satellites—like the two small boxes in the middle of the photo—into orbit in recent years. Credit: NASA/Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-NC Satellites owned by private companies have played an unexpectedly important role in the war in Ukraine. For example, in early August 2022, images from the private satellite company … Read more

ULA launches US Space Force’s last SBIRS missile warning satellite – Spaceflight Now

ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Credit: United Launch Alliance The departure at dawn of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Canaveral Thursday sent aloft the US military’s last Space Based Infrared System missile warning satellite, a $1.2 billion mission billed by the Space Force as … Read more

ISRO’s new SSLV small satellite launcher set to make its debut

The Indian space program’s new small satellite launcher, the SSLV or Small Satellite Launch Vehicle, is scheduled to make its launch debut from Sriharikota, India on Sunday, August 7 at 03:48 UTC. The SSLV program’s genesis was a December 2015 National Institute of Advanced Studies proposal to create a “Small Satellite Launch Vehicle-1” to launch … Read more

Final SBIRS missile warning satellite ready for launch – Spaceflight Now

Artist’s concept of the SBIRS GEO 6 satellite in orbit, with its solar arrays extended. Credit: Lockheed Martin The last in a line of six satellites for the US military’s Space Based Infrared System, or SBIRS, missile warning program is ready for launch Thursday from Cape Canaveral on top of a United Launch Alliance Atlas … Read more