Rethinking Anakin Skywalker: How Star Wars has failed to properly explore its most significant character

There is a scene in Attack of the Clones that shows early how conflicted the prophesied one is. During a scene where Anakin is alone with Padme, as they prepare to leave for Naboo, the padawan is considering his master Obi-Wan: “[he’s] as wise as Master Yoda and as powerful as Master Windu,” he says, … Read more

Rethinking indoor air chemistry

Computer modeling of the OH reactivity (left) and OH concentration (right) around human bodies in a typical indoor situation while people sitting around a table. Credit: UC Irvine People typically spend 90% of their lives inside, at home, at work, or in transport. Within these enclosed spaces, occupants are exposed to a multitude of chemicals … Read more

Mistakes and rethinking behavioral economics

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Behavioral economics is a field that seeks to understand how people make decisions about things they want and need. The field relies on a collection of theories—models—that predict how people will make choices in a variety of situations. A well-known example of an economics model is supply and demand, which predicts … Read more