Amino acid supplement is a key to reproductive health in dairy cows

University of Illinois researchers, including Phil Cardoso (pictured), found rumen-protected lysine improves uterine health in dairy cows during the transition period. Credit: University of Illinois Lysine is an essential amino acid for dairy cows, helping boost milk production when added to the diet at adequate levels. But could lysine benefit cows in other ways? A … Read more

Coral reproductive capacity decreases with water depth

Credit: Tom Shlesinger A new Tel Aviv University study, in collaboration with the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat, has found that coral spawning events in the Gulf of Aqaba and Eilat, Red Sea, at the deep end of the focal species’ depth range (~30 –45 m) occur at much lower intensities than those … Read more

Examining the effect of temperature on animals’ reproductive strategies

Ecology Letters” width=”800″ height=”530″/> Examples of how interactions between temperature and sexual selection drive the co-adaptation of thermal physiology, thermoregulation and sexually selected traits in animals such as lions, elephant seals, antelopes, cicadas, Japanese beetles and rose-bellied lizards. Credit: Noah Leith and Ecology Letters Temperature affects nearly every part of an animal’s day-to-day existence. Biologists … Read more