Artemis Astronauts Could Rely on Solar Cells Made out of Moon Dust

Within the next decade, several space agencies and commercial space partners will send crewed missions to the Moon. Unlike the “footprints and flags” missions of the Apollo Era, these missions are aimed at creating a “sustained program of lunar exploration.” In other words, we’re going back to the Moon with the intent to stay, which … Read more

Why we can’t rely on regrowing coastal habitats to offset carbon emissions

Credit: Akuditaputri/Shutterstock Removing several hundred billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere is now considered necessary to avert the worst effects of climate change. Using nature to help achieve that goal, by allowing habitats to regenerate, would seem to offer a win-win solution for the environment and the climate. The sediments beneath mangrove forests, saltmarshes … Read more

Billions of people rely on wild species for food, fuel, income: UN

UN biodiversity experts said it is possible to use wild species more sustainably. Rampant exploitation of nature is a threat to the well-being of billions of people across the world who rely on wild species for food, energy and income, United Nations biodiversity experts said Friday. From fishing and logging to the use of wild … Read more