Scientists chip away at the mystery of how radiation weakens metal, one atom at a time

Science Advances (2022). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abn0900″ width=”800″ height=”434″/> The analyzed GB and its surrounding environment. (A) Automated crystal orientation mapping showing the grain orientations in the vicinity of the interface of interest. The boundary of interest separates the two indicated grains, labeled as A and B, at the center of image (B) and terminates at triple … Read more

Astronomers capture most detailed images yet of radiation region in Orionʻs ‘sword’

Credit: Habart et al./WM Keck Observatory Astronomers using the WM Keck Observatory on Hawaiʻi Island have captured from Maunakea the most detailed and complete images ever taken of the zone where the famed constellation of Orion gets zapped with ultraviolet (UV) radiation from massive young stars. This irradiated neutral zone, called a Photo-Dissociation Region (PDR), … Read more

What’s Being Done to Protect Astronauts From Radiation in Deep Space?

In 1982, author James Michener published his sprawling Space Race novel, Space. In it, he describes a fictional Apollo 18 mission to the Moon. While the astronauts are on the surface, the Sun unleashes a huge storm, trapping them outside of their protective capsule. The two men get blasted by lethal amounts of radiation before … Read more

Protecting Artemis and lunar explorers from space radiation

Space Safety 08/26/2022 77 views 1 likes In brief “There’s no such thing as bad weather…” The Artemis I mission, set to launch on 29 August, will mark a significant step in humankind’s return to the Moon. While there are no human passengers on board this test flight, future missions will once again cast space … Read more

What is the Best Radiation Shielding for the Surface of Mars?

The planet Mars is calling to us. At least, that is the impression one gets when examining all the planned and proposed missions to the Red Planet in the coming decade. With so many space agencies currently sending missions there to characterize its environment, atmosphere, and geological history, it seems likely that crewed missions are … Read more

Alpha particles and alpha radiation explained

Alongside beta particles, gamma rays, and neutrons, alpha particles are a type of radiation, also called alpha radiation. As with most forms of radiation, alpha particles are emitted from radioactive elements. Alpha particles are relatively heavy and slow compared to their companions, so they pose little danger to humans unless ingested. They are, however, frequently … Read more

A Magnetic Bubble Could Protect Astronauts From Dangerous Space Radiation

Humans have long dreamed of setting foot on Mars or beyond, and the advances by companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin means perhaps the dream could be closer than ever to becoming reality. But as it stands now, sending astronauts on long-duration missions to other worlds would be impossible because of the hazardous radiation levels … Read more

Oxygen ions in Jupiter’s innermost radiation belts — ScienceDaily

Nearly 20 years after the end of NASA’s Galileo mission to Jupiter, scientists led by the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany have unlocked a new secret from the mission’s extensive data sets. For the first time, the research team was able to determine beyond doubt that the high-energy ions surrounding … Read more