‘Quantum Leap’ showrunner, tech advisor on recreating space shuttle

It could probably go without saying, but just for the record, the space shuttle mission shown on ‘Quantum Leap’ (opens in new tab) did not happen. As first aired on Monday (Sept. 26) on NBC and now streaming on Peacock, the episode “Atlantis” had Ben Song (Raymond Lee) join the crew of the space shuttle … Read more

‘Twisty’ photons could turbocharge next-gen quantum communication

A quantum emitter capable of emitting single photons integrated with a geared-shaped resonator. By fine-tuning the arrangement of the emitter and the gear-shaped resonator, it’s possible to leverage the interaction between the photon’s spin and its orbital angular momentum to create individual “twisty” photons on demand. Credit: Stevens Institute of Technology Quantum computers and communication … Read more

Researchers answer fundamental question of quantum physics

Q as the ramp progresses across the critical regime with the critical point located at t = 0. The healing length ξˆ that determines the size of domains in the Kibble-Zurek (KZ) mechanism is set at the characteristic time ∣∣t∣ Schematic depiction of the dynamics across a phase transition in a two-dimensional spin-1/2 model. In … Read more

Quantum light source advances bio-imaging clarity

Optica (2022). DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.467635″ width=”800″ height=”345″/> Quantum-enhanced microscopic imaging using water as the signal medium. The imaging object is a triangle-shaped piece of glass shown in the inset of (a), where the white scale bar is 1 mm in horizontal direction. More than 3 dB quantum-enhanced SNR, or image contrast, is clearly visible in (b). … Read more

Double-transmon coupler will realize faster, more accurate superconducting quantum computers

Conceptual diagram of a superconducting quantum computer. Credit: Toshiba Corporation Researchers at Toshiba Corporation have achieved a breakthrough in quantum computer architecture: the basic design for a double-transmon coupler that will improve the speed and accuracy of quantum computation in tunable couples. The coupler is a key device in determining the performance of superconducting quantum … Read more

New method to systematically find optimal quantum operation sequences for quantum computers

Quantum operation sequence (conceptual diagram). The six horizontal blue lines represent six qubits, with the input on the left and the output on the right. Operations are executed from left to right. Each red square represents a 1-qubit operation, and each green vertical line connecting two blue lines represents a 2-qubit operation. The optimal quantum … Read more

Engineering atomic antennas for quantum sensing

Jennifer Choy develops technologies for improving quantum sensors at her lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Credit: Sabrina Wu/University of Wisconsin–Madison Jennifer Choy makes atom-size antennas. They bear no resemblance to the telescoping rod that transmits pop hits through a portable stereo. But functionally, they’re similar. They’re quantum sensors, picking up tiny electromagnetic signals and … Read more

How the NQISRCs are harnessing the quantum revolution

by Hannah Adams, Pete Genzer, Monica Hernandez, Leah Hesla, Scott Jones, Elizabeth Rosenthal, Denise Yazak, Argonne National Laboratory Credit: CC0 Public Domain While their own unique areas of expertise and resources, the NQISRCs are all aligned to having the same mission—the advancement of quantum information science. Five National Quantum Information Science Research Centers (NQISRCs) are … Read more

New stable quantum batteries can reliably store energy into electromagnetic fields

Two examples of “quantum phones”, both charged by quantum batteries based on electromagnetic fields. On the left, a charging protocol not using a micromaser approach leads to uncontrolled battery charging with possible damages. On the right, a charging protocol based on micromasers is able to self-control the amount of charge deposited into the quantum phone. … Read more

Optimizing SWAP networks for quantum computing

Comprehensive schematic of software-optimized SWAP networks for AQT’s gates. Credit: Rich Raines/Super.tech A research partnership at the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Chicago-based Super.tech (acquired by ColdQuanta in May 2022) demonstrated how to optimize the execution of the ZZ SWAP network protocol, important to quantum computing. The team … Read more