How you can help protect sharks, and what doesn’t work

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Sharks are some of the most ecologically important and most threatened animals on Earth. Recent reports show that up to one-third of all known species of sharks and their relatives, rays, are threatened with extinction. Unsustainable overfishing is the biggest threat by far. Losing sharks can coastal food webs that billions … Read more

Scientists fight to protect DR Congo rainforest as threat increase

Researchers say the Congo Basin’s rainforest sequesters more greenhouse gases than it emits. A tower bristling with sensors juts above the canopy in the northern Democratic Republic of Congo, measuring carbon dioxide emitted from the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest. Spanning several countries in central Africa, the Congo Basin rainforest covers an immense area and is … Read more

What’s Being Done to Protect Astronauts From Radiation in Deep Space?

In 1982, author James Michener published his sprawling Space Race novel, Space. In it, he describes a fictional Apollo 18 mission to the Moon. While the astronauts are on the surface, the Sun unleashes a huge storm, trapping them outside of their protective capsule. The two men get blasted by lethal amounts of radiation before … Read more

Scientists want to rescue reefs and protect Miami with tougher breeds of staghorn coral

Credit: CC0 Public Domain It was a marvelous night for coral sex. Warm waters bathed the reef a mile off Key Biscayne. A nearly full moon signaled to staghorn polyps that the time was right. A team of eager University of Miami scientists and student divers waited underwater, nets ready to collect a flurry of … Read more

Forecasting the future to help protect monarch butterflies

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The outlook for monarch butterflies isn’t great right now. In fact, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, just added North America’s monarchs to its list of endangered species. With news like this, it can be easy to overlook the reasons to be hopeful that we can protect … Read more

Discovery of a long-nosed ‘shrew mouse’ on a mountain in the Philippines will help protect giant eagles

An illustration of Balete’s mouse. Credit: (c) Velizar Simeonovski, Field Museum They might not get as much attention as the Amazon Rainforest or the Great Barrier Reef, but the mountains of the Philippines are one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Inch for inch, these misty cloud forests are home to more unique … Read more

Stronger integration of international negotiations needed to protect the ocean

by Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies eV (IASS) Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain International solutions are needed to protect the ocean. Two sets of regulations currently under development offer an opportunity to expand protections, but a greater degree of alignment between the two must be achieved. In a new article published in Frontiers in Marine Science, … Read more

Using olfactory cues to protect vulnerable species

Ground-nesting shorebirds like the double-banded plover are vulnerable to invasive terrestrial predators in New Zealand including cats, hedgehogs and ferrets. Olfactory cues may help wildlife managers decrease nest predation by these predators to protect populations. Credit: Grant Norbury Animals—both herbivores and predators—follow their noses for a broad range of food sources. The principle applies to … Read more

How you can protect yourself for the next one

Credit: Prostock-Studio / Shutterstock After the pandemic and now a cost of living crisis, it seems unthinkable that the economic situation could get worse. But experts are pretty certain that the UK economy will flatline in 2023, and some are even murmuring that a recession could happen this year. Technically, a recession means two or … Read more