A fulcrum for sustainable production of maize and rice in Africa

Critical to our knowledge, the study detailed new insights on how, why, and to what degree maize and rice yield responses are expected to vary in sub-Saharan Africa. Credit: K. Amouzou/APNI Efforts to improve the yields of staple cereal crops like maize and rice at scale in Africa remain seriously hampered by the effects of … Read more

A breakthrough for fast, efficient production of human immune cells

A) Schematic overview of chemically defined platform for producing multipotent hematopoietic progenitors and T cell progenitors from pluripotent stem cells. (B) Flow cytometry analysis of progenitor T cell output after transitioning cells from 7 days in each EHT coating condition into a common defined thymic niche for an additional 7 days. (C) Quantification of the … Read more

First of NASA’s SunRISE SmallSats rolls off production line

The first of six SunRISE SmallSats is shown here at a Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory clean room being worked on by engineers. Pointed toward the camera is the SmallSat’s Sun-side side, including its fully-facing solar arrays. Credit: SDL/Allison Bills Six of NASA’s SunRISE small satellites will work together, creating the largest radio telescope … Read more

Study predicts growth in UK wine production due to climate change

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain New research reveals how climate change is likely to increase the potential for wine production in the UK—with conditions projected to resemble those in famous growing regions of France and Germany. Over the last 20 years, climate change has contributed to a growth in the UK vineyard area—with more than 800 … Read more

Book considers more sustainable food production methods

In his new book “Regenesis,” journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot describes problems associated with agriculture now and into the future. He also gives examples of how agriculture can be improved to produce healthy food sustainably. He does this in an engaging manner by combining his own experiences with an impressive knowledge of the literature. … Read more

How do smallholders transform to sustainable production in North China?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Smallholders are the main body of China’s agricultural producers, numbering about 203 million, accounting for 98% of all kinds of agricultural production enterprises. They often invest excess resources in the production process, and the efficiency of their resource utilization is low, resulting in serious environmental impacts, such as air pollution, soil … Read more

Developing an efficient production technique for a novel ‘green’ fertilizer

The co-crystals of the novel fertilizer (symbolized here with gypsum) release their nutrients much more slowly. Credit: DESY, Gesine Born A purely mechanical method can produce a novel, more sustainable fertilizer in a less polluting way. That is the result of a method optimized at DESY’s light source PETRA III. An international team used PETRA … Read more

Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals

Jaclyn Lunger is first author of a paper detailing the reactions–at the atomic level–behind an eco-friendly way to produce metals. Credit: Yang Shao-Horn, MIT In work that could usher in more efficient, eco-friendly processes for the production of important metals like lithium, iron and cobalt, researchers from MIT and SLAC have mapped what is happening … Read more