Ukraine war highlights growing importance of private satellites in conflict

Private companies have launched dozens of imaging satellites — like the two small boxes in the middle of the photo — into orbit in recent years. (Image credit: NASA/Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-NC) This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. … Read more

War in Ukraine highlights the growing important importance of private satellite companies

Private companies have launched dozens of imaging satellites—like the two small boxes in the middle of the photo—into orbit in recent years. Credit: NASA/Steve Jurvetson, CC BY-NC Satellites owned by private companies have played an unexpectedly important role in the war in Ukraine. For example, in early August 2022, images from the private satellite company … Read more

Does Taylor Swift deserve criticism over her private jet habits?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Criticism of Taylor Swift on social media soared this past weekend after the pop singer topped a list of celebrities most guilty of polluting the planet with their private jets. Swift’s jet was in use for 170 out of the first 200 days of the year and emitted 8,293.54 metric tons … Read more

Private space stations are the future, but the ISS isn’t done yet

The International Space Station (ISS) is entering its golden years, but activities aboard the orbiting lab aren’t slowing down — just the opposite, in fact. The ISS can’t fly forever, however, and NASA officials envision a diverse market of commercial space stations taking its place as demand for access to low Earth orbit (LEO) continues … Read more

Private Ax-1 astronauts return to Earth, ending historic space mission

The first-ever all-private astronaut mission to the International Space Station is in the books. A SpaceX Dragon capsule carrying the four crewmembers of the Ax-1 mission splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida today (April 25) at 1:06 pm EDT (1706 GMT), bringing the groundbreaking 17-day flight to a close. … Read more

Axiom’s private crew gets extra time on space station after landing delay – Spaceflight Now

The 11-person crew is currently on-board the International Space Station, including the Ax-1 commercial astronauts wearing blue flight suits. Credit: NASA TV / Spaceflight Now The four-man crew flying on Axiom’s first private mission to the International Space Station is getting some extra time on the orbiting complex this week. Managers have extended their stay … Read more

Next SpaceX crew launch on hold to wait for return of private astronaut mission – Spaceflight Now

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated with new Ax-1 undocking and Crew-4 launch dates. Astronauts Jessica Watkins, Bob Hines, Kjell Lindgren, and Samantha Cristoforetti inside the Crew Access Arm at Launch Complex 39A early Wednesday for a rehearsal dress. Credit: SpaceX The launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the next Crew to the International Space Station … Read more