Study finds potentially dangerous levels of arsenic in California prison drinking water

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ten years after the state of California recognized the human right to water, hundreds of thousands of residents still rely on drinking water that contains dangerous levels of contaminants, including the highly toxic mineral arsenic. Many of them live in low-income and rural communities that struggle to afford the necessary infrastructure … Read more

US prison labor programs violate fundamental human rights, new report finds

Incarcerated workers in the US generate billions of dollars worth of goods and services while toiling under unjust conditions, according to a new report from the University of Chicago Law School’s Global Human Rights Clinic and the American Civil Liberties Union. Credit: Incarcerated workers generate billions of dollars worth of goods and services annually … Read more

Prison must not be ‘default option’ to cover up lack of support in care system and community

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Girls and women who have been through the care system should be diverted away from custodial sentences wherever possible alternatives, says a new report published today. And, adds the study, moves to prevent the criminalization of girls in care need to be high on the agenda for change. “Disrupting the Routes … Read more