Size alone doesn’t explain how they can eat such big prey

Integrative Organismal Biology (2022). DOI: 10.1093/iob/obac033″ width=”520″ height=”530″/> Range of sizes used to determine maximal gap. The inset shows brown treesnakes (SVL = 40,177 cm; gape = 1.2, 5.7 cm), whereas the Burmese pythons (SVL = 61,397 cm; gape = 2.8, 22 cm) are in the background. All images are to the same scale. The … Read more

‘Prey’ review: Prequel shows that there is still hope for the Predator franchise

The long-anticipated — and refreshing — Predator prequel, unexpectedly titled Prey, has just hit Hulu in the US and Star (through Disney Plus) internationally. After the largely reviled The Predator (2018), this new take on the Predator formula has given the franchise a second fighting chance, big screen or not. For now, the hunt continues … Read more