How the EU hopes to tackle high power prices while protecting its cross-border electricity market

The EU has taken action as power prices have had spiked in line with gas prices this year. Credit: Viktollio / Shutterstock Europe is more of its power from renewable sources every year but, as the current crisis has shown, power markets remain at the mercy of getting volatile gas prices. The EU Commission has … Read more

A cosmologist, cultural historian, and neurosurgeon discuss the power of awe and the cosmos

NASA described Webb’s First Deep Field, galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, as “approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length, a tiny sliver of the vast universe.” Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI The images to emerge from the James Webb Space Telescope have captured details of the cosmos never seen before, leaving … Read more

Burying short sections of power lines would drastically reduce hurricanes’ future impact on coastal residents

Climate change could make heat waves a dangerous hazard of future hurricanes. Credit: US Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class R. Jason Brunson / Released As Earth warms due to climate change, people living near the coasts not only face a higher risk of major hurricanes, but are also more likely to experience a … Read more

How calcium ions get into the cellular power stations of plants

Microscopic image of the mitochondria in a root tip of Arabidopsis thaliana. The interior of the mitochondria (matrix) is marked by a fluorescent protein. Credit: University of Munster Calcium is a very special nutrient. In the cells of most living beings calcium ions function as so-called second messengers to transmit important signals. The same applies … Read more

‘Not all is lost’ in climate change fight after Supreme Court limits EPA’s regulatory power

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The Supreme Court Thursday issued a ruling limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. The 6-3 vote along party lines called into question the federal agency’s regulatory authority by suggesting that it does not have the power to cap carbon emissions from power plants through … Read more

Mystery Rocket Crash Site, ISS Independence, Space Nuclear Power

NASA teases JWST images, Rocket Lab launches CAPSTONE, mystery rocket’s crash site found on the Moon, how magnetars are created, ISS gets more independent from Russia and more. If you prefer the news being videoed at you instead of reading them, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a video version of this week’s most important space … Read more

Photonic synapses with low power consumption and high sensitivity

Figure 1 (a) Schematic diagram of visual perception and information transmission in human brain and corresponding artifical MoS2 synaptic device; (b) Comparison of single optical pulse width and power consumption among some synaptic devices. Credit: Compuscript Ltd Neuromorphic photonics/electronics is the future of ultralow energy intelligent computing and artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, inspired … Read more

Brief, cross-partisan conversations about sensitive political topics have scant power to narrow divisions, study finds

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The premise is simple, and it seems like common sense: If Republicans and Democrats could come together for good faith dialogue, the conversations would reduce tensions and ease the corrosive polarization that threatens US democracy. But a new study co-authored by UC Berkeley political scientist David Broockman found that brief, cross-partisan … Read more

Momentus orbital transfer vehicle suffers power problem after launch – Spaceflight Now

Momentus’ Vigoride orbital transfer vehicle. Credit: Niall David / Momentus The first test flight of a commercial orbital transfer vehicle from Momentus is suffering from a problem with its solar panels after launching last month on a SpaceX rocket, and the company said Monday that its confidence in the spacecraft’s demonstrations has “substantially declined.” The … Read more

New ‘CRISPR-Combo’ method boosts genome editing power in plants

On the left: poplar sprouts containing CRSPR-edited gene. On the right, poplar sprouts with the same CRSPR edit plus gene enhancements to improve growth. Credit: UMD Ten years ago, a new technology called CRISPR-CAS9, made it possible for scientists to change the genetic code of living organisms. As revolutionary as it was, the tool had … Read more