Study finds potentially dangerous levels of arsenic in California prison drinking water

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ten years after the state of California recognized the human right to water, hundreds of thousands of residents still rely on drinking water that contains dangerous levels of contaminants, including the highly toxic mineral arsenic. Many of them live in low-income and rural communities that struggle to afford the necessary infrastructure … Read more

Mystery crater potentially caused by relative of dinosaur-killing asteroid

How the crater may have formed. Credit: Author provided The ocean floor is famously less explored than the surface of Mars. And when our team of scientists recently mapped the seabed, and ancient sediments beneath, we discovered what looks like an asteroid impact crater. Intriguingly, the crater, named “Nadir” after the nearby volcano Nadir Seamount, … Read more

Astronomers Just Practiced What Would Happen if a Potentially Dangerous Asteroid was Detected

In and around our planet, there are thousands of comets and asteroids known as Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). Multiple space agencies and government affiliates are responsible for tracking them, especially those known as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA). These objects are so-designated because they will cross Earth’s orbit and may even collide with it someday. Considering how … Read more