More than half of all tropical deforestation directly attributable to industrial mining takes place in Indonesia

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain New research published in PNAS today showed that, out of 26 countries, Indonesia accounted for 58.2% of the tropical deforestation directly caused by industrial mining activities. Brazil, Ghana and Suriname also stood out in the study, which underscored the need for stronger measures to protect tropical forests from destructive economic activities … Read more

Why freemium software has no place in our classrooms

Freemium software in education exacerbates the digital divide for students who may be economically disadvantaged compared to their peers. Credit: Shutterstock Digital teaching and communication tools are present in kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms. By April 2020, not long after the onset of the pandemic, Google Classroom had doubled its users to more than 100 … Read more

Hydrogen Gas Can Seep Through Rock Providing Food to Bacteria. Another Place to Look for Life On Other Worlds.

Spin Google Earth around until you’re looking down at the nation of Oman. Ancient rock in that country is the backdrop for a new study with consequences for our search for life. Water reacts with this rock to produce hydrogen, which could be an energy source for bacteria. Could this happen on other worlds? Ocean … Read more