Researcher says job licensing doesn’t keep people from moving—community plays a bigger role

Percentage of jobs that require licensing, by state, 2014–16. Credit: US Bureau of Labor Statistics Families hosting weddings near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have 156 florists from which to choose, according to online registry The Knot. At each of those businesses, at least one employee who works a minimum of 32 hours a week must be … Read more

Medieval monks were more likely to have worms than ordinary people

Medieval friaries were relatively luxurious. Credit: chrisdorney/Shutterstock In the middle ages, monks, nuns, and friars had it relatively easy. They lived quiet lives within friaries and monastic complexes, reading manuscripts, praying, and tending to gardens in which they grew their own food. They even enjoyed access to toilet facilities, while many of the peasantry at … Read more

Even a ‘limited’ nuclear war would starve millions of people, new study reveals

Credit: US Department of Energy Even a relatively small nuclear war would create a worldwide food crisis lasting at least a decade in which hundreds of millions would starve, according to our new modeling published in Nature Food. In a nuclear war, bombs dropped on cities and industrial areas would start firestorms, injecting large amounts … Read more

Young people in Germany are more concerned about war and climate change than COVID

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain After more than two years of the COVID pandemic and six months of war in Ukraine, the question arises of how young people in Germany are dealing with the world’s current challenges. It turns out that war and climate change are among the greatest concerns of the country’s children and adolescents. … Read more

How climate storytelling helps people navigate complexity and find solutions

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Despite learning that climate change is hitting the planet faster than scientists predicted, society has been slow to decrease the use of fossil fuels and reduce gas greenhouse emissions. For a consumer, for instance, making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV) is a difficult decision. There are many interconnected factors … Read more

Billions of people rely on wild species for food, fuel, income: UN

UN biodiversity experts said it is possible to use wild species more sustainably. Rampant exploitation of nature is a threat to the well-being of billions of people across the world who rely on wild species for food, energy and income, United Nations biodiversity experts said Friday. From fishing and logging to the use of wild … Read more

NASA says its plan to bring Mars samples back to Earth is safe, but some people are worried

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Since September, the Perseverance rover has been picking along an ancient river delta on Mars, its robotic arms reaching out with whirling steel drill bits to core rocks, scoop soil and suck small amounts of the red planet’s atmosphere into titanium tubes. The plan, under NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, calls for … Read more

Why people ghost on social media

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Check your phone. Are there any unanswered texts, snaps or direct messages that you’re ignoring? Should you reply? Or should you ghost the person who sent them? Ghosting happens when someone cuts off all online communication with someone else, and without an explanation. Instead, like a ghost, they just vanish. The … Read more

Police lethal violence against Black people may affect clearance of crimes involving Black victims

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Police use of violence, especially against Black people, may threaten police agencies’ effectiveness by reinforcing residents’ legal cynicism and leading to disengagement from police. For example, after the killing by police of George Floyd, a Milwaukee police official said local residents cooperated less with police than they did before the killing. … Read more