Everything we know about Dune: Part 2

It’s going to be a long wait before we get our first official look at Dune: Part 2, but we already know plenty of juicy details about the upcoming science fiction epic from Denis Villeneuve. Dune: Part 2 has to live up to high expectations following the first film’s massive success. Even though many readers … Read more

Stop dissing pessimism—it’s part of being human

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain In today’s society, being happy and having an optimism attitude are social expectations that weigh heavily on how we live and the choices we make. Some psychologists have pointed out how happiness has evolved into an industry. In turn, this has created what I call a happiness imperative, the social expectation … Read more

What part of a space rock survives all the way to the ground?

Meteorites from the backside of asteroid 2008 TC3 as Jenniskens found them on the ground in the Nubian Desert of Sudan. Credit: P. Jenniskens/SETI Institute/NASA Ames Research Center When a small asteroid enters Earth’s atmosphere from space, its surface is brutally heated, causing melting and fragmenting. Therefore, why the rocks near the surface survive to … Read more

China launches spaceplane for second time as part of double header

Two launches were conducted from China in the last 24 hours on what was a busy day in spaceflight. The day started at 03:08 UTC with the launch of the Ludi Shengtai Xitong Tanjiance (TECIS – Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Inventory Satellite) payload, on board a Chang Zheng 4B. Later, a second flight of the Chinese … Read more

Our finely-tuned Universe part III – Explanations for fine tuning – Explaining Science

As discussed in my previous two posts our Universe appears to be very finely tuned and is governed by four fundamental interactions. A relatively small increase or decrease in the strength of one of these interactions, such as making the force of gravity weaker or stronger, would make the emergence of life impossible. The four … Read more

Our finely-tuned Universe part II – Examples of fine tuning – Explaining Science

In a previous post I talked about the four forces which govern the way the Universe works. I’m now going to give some examples of fine tuning. How different our Universe would be if these four forces had very different relative strengths. But before I do this, it is worth giving a quick summary from … Read more

Researchers unveil part accelerator region inside a solar flare

A new study offers the first direct evidence showing where near-light speed particle acceleration occurs inside the largest explosion known in the solar system, the solar flare. Credit: Sijie Yu of NJIT/CSTR; NOAA GOES-16/SUVI Solar flares are among the most violent explosions in our solar system, but despite their massive energy—equivalent to a hundred billion … Read more