How do satellites monitor the ozone layer?

Applications 09/16/2022 103 views 3 likes The ozone layer in our upper atmosphere protects Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The use of human-produced chemicals in our atmosphere used for many years depleted Earth’s ozone layer. However, the reduction in the consumption of ozone-depleting substances driven by the Montreal Protocol – an international … Read more

Claims of new ‘tropical ozone hole’ raise controversy

A scientist recently claimed that he’d discovered a gargantuan hole in the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere that first appeared above the tropics in the 1980s but went unacknowledged until now. However, upon his research being published, the received swift criticism from experts who flagged his study as deeply flawed. “I am surprised that this … Read more

Colorado’s efforts are not enough to solve its ozone problem

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A year after health officials issued a record number of alerts for high ozone levels on Colorado’s Front Range, federal and state officials are trying to rein in the gas that can make outdoor activities a health risk. But new Colorado laws aimed at improving air quality along that urban corridor … Read more

NASA simulation suggests some volcanoes might warm climate, destroy ozone layer

Image of a flood-basalt deposit on Mars in the Marte Vallis region taken by the High Resolution Science Imaging Experiment (HiRISE) instrument on board NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. Credit: NASA/University of Arizona/HiRISE A new NASA climate simulation suggests that extremely large volcanic eruptions called “flood basalt eruptions” might significantly warm Earth’s climate and devastate … Read more