7.7 – Order – TPS – English

Understood in an absolute sense, Order is a spiritual, essential and therefore unlimited and permanent value. When it is cyclically manifested, it takes on always new and different forms and aspects, but the essence remains unchanged. (Excerpt from the unpublished paper by Enzio Savoini, order, 1987 – revised 2001) In absolute terms, Order is inherent … Read more

The Matrix movies in order

From the minds of the Wachowski sisters, Lilly and Lana, The Matrix quickly became an iconic sci-fi franchise with four feature-length movies, comic books, video games, and nine animated shorts that make up The Animatrix. The Matrix revolves around the concept that Earth has been taken over by machines and the Matrix itself is a … Read more

Biden order aims to protect old-growth forests from wildfire

This photo provided by California State Parks shows the Pioneer Tree one of the few remaining old-growth coastal redwoods at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Calif., on Thursday, March 24, 2022, after it collapsed from a fire. Credit: California State Parks via AP President Joe Biden is taking steps to restore national forests that have … Read more