‘Good Night Oppy’ explores human side of robotic rover’s life on Mars

Ryan White did not set out to make a tearjerker. Yet audiences watching the director’s new documentary, “Good Night Oppy,” (opens in new tab) now streaming on Amazon Prime Video (opens in new tab)may want to have tissues ready. “Not a chance in hell did I think this would be as emotional as the final … Read more

Opportunity Mars rover leader on ‘Good Night Oppy’, giving up Saturn

Steve Squyres had big plans to move to a new planet once the NASA Opportunity Mars rover finished her mission, but that idea got “completely derailed.” That posed trouble (in a good sense) for Squyres, who was a member of the flagship Cassini mission at Saturn and was ready to move to flight operations after … Read more

‘Good Night Oppy’ director talks Opportunity Mars rover (exclusive)

Some robots just refuse to die. Presenting the improbable tale of a little space robot that could, Amazon Original Films is rolling out their inspirational documentary titled “Good Night Oppy” for theatrical release on Nov. 4, prior to its worldwide Prime Video launch on Nov. 23, just in time for a tear-filled family viewing on … Read more