Many Next-Generation Telescopes are carried on Balloons. Here’s What the Next Decade Holds in Balloon Astronomy

NASA’s Balloon Program Analysis Group recently presented a roadmap to NASA, to guide them on how to plan and fund future balloon astronomy programs. Balloons have been used for over a century to conduct physics experiments, astronomical observations and Earth observing work, but remain relatively unknown to the general public. Balloon astronomy shares many advantages … Read more

Next-generation data centers within reach thanks to new energy-efficient switches

An artistic rendering of a silicon-based switch that manipulates light through the use of phase-change material (dark blue segment) and graphene heater (honeycomb lattice). Credit: Zhuoran Fang Data centers—dedicated spaces for storing, processing and disseminating data—enable everything from cloud computing to video streaming. In the process, they consume a large amount of energy transferring data … Read more

Next-generation weather models cross the divide to real-world impact

The NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed provides a conceptual framework and a physical space to foster collaboration between research and operations to test and evaluate emerging technologies and science for NWS operations. Here, a scene from the 2020 Spring Experiment. Credit: NOAA Each winter, spring, and summer, extreme weather forecasters and researchers meet to test the … Read more