Scientists turn a nanowire with exotic currents into a probe for magnetism

Scanning electron microscope image (left) of samarium hexaboride nanowire bonded to STM, with images from new study (middle and right). The middle image is a zoomed in view, showing light-dark-light striping that occurs in antiferromagnetic material. Credit: Provided by authors for use in this news story Whether looking out into space or peering deep into … Read more

Researchers build the longest highly-conductive molecular nanowire

Top: the two-step oxidation of the bis(triarylamines) molecular series. Bottom: the geometry of the highest trimer (n=3) molecule in the molecular junction. Red and blue regions are artistic depictions on the coupling between the two edge states. Credit: Liang Li/Columbia University As our devices get smaller and smaller, the use of molecules as the main … Read more