Artemis 1 rocket moved to hangar as spaceport completes hurricane preps – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket moves into the Vehicle Assembly Building on Sept. 27. Credit: Stephen Clark / Spaceflight Now NASA moved the Space Launch System moon rocket back into its hangar Tuesday to take shelter from Hurricane Ian, likely pushing back the next launch attempt for the agency’s long-delayed Artemis 1 lunar test … Read more

ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket moved to launch pad with US military missile warning satellite – Spaceflight Now

ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket rolls out to Space Launch Complex 41 on Tuesday at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Credit: United Launch Alliance United Launch Alliance’s next Atlas 5 rocket rolled out to its launch pad Tuesday at Cape Canaveral for a fiery blastoff at dawn Thursday with a US military missile warning satellite. The … Read more