To study impacts of longer, hotter summers, ecologists haul 5,000 pounds of sand up a mountain

Will Fuller and Miles Moore measure snow depth on a test plot on Niwot Ridge. Credit: Kelsey Simpkins / CU Boulder As temperatures soar in early September, it’s clear that Colorado’s summers are lasting longer. They’re also starting earlier, with mountain snow melting away in May instead of June. As spring unfolds into summer each … Read more

Discovery of a long-nosed ‘shrew mouse’ on a mountain in the Philippines will help protect giant eagles

An illustration of Balete’s mouse. Credit: (c) Velizar Simeonovski, Field Museum They might not get as much attention as the Amazon Rainforest or the Great Barrier Reef, but the mountains of the Philippines are one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Inch for inch, these misty cloud forests are home to more unique … Read more

Wood heating pollutes the air in mountain areas more than previously applied

Mobile measurements—during the run in the village of Retje, Dinaric Alps, Slovenia. Credit: Kristina Glojek, University of Nova Gorica Around 30 million people in Europe live in mountain valleys. A large part of this population is more affected by air pollution than previously applied. This is the conclusion of a Slovenian-German research team from measurements … Read more