Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection

mBio (2022). DOI: 10.1128/mbio.01670-22″ width=”800″ height=”389″/> Variant tdfJ genes are expressed from an inducible ectopic site in the gonococcal chromosome. Wild-type and mutated forms of tdfJ were cloned into a complementation vector designed to insert into an ectopic site of the gonococcal chromosome between the aspC and lctP loci. This construct contains an IPTG-inducible promoter … Read more

New method allows scientists to determine all the molecules present in the lysosomes of mice

A cartoon representation of the new method, which allows scientists to isolate the lysosomes (left) of any cell in a mouse to analyze and identify using mass spectrometry (right) all the molecules inside them. Credit: Cindy Lin Small but mighty, lysosomes play a surprisingly important role in cells despite their diminutive size. Making up only … Read more

Small molecules, giant (surface) potential

New molecules created by researchers at Kyushu University align, on average, with the same part of the molecule pointing away from a surface. By attaching different units that push or pull negatively charged electrons toward or away from this orientation-determining section, the researchers could achieve electric fields in thin layers of the materials when the … Read more

Researchers accelerate imaging techniques for capturing small molecules’ structures

Pinshane Huang, far left, joins, Priti Kharel, second from left, Justin Bae and Patrick Carmichael, far right, at the Materials Research Laboratory. Pictured on the tablet is Blanka Janicek. Credit: Heather Coit/The Grainger College of Engineering A University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign research effort led by Pinshane Huang is accelerating imaging techniques to visualize structures of … Read more

Process to customize molecules does double duty

Rice University graduate student Kang-Jie (Harry) Bian sets up light-sensitive molecules for an experiment in the lab of chemist Julian West. Bian is lead author of a study inspired by natural processes to enable the modular difunctionalization of alkene molecules for drug and materials design. Credit: Rice University Inspired by your liver and activated by … Read more

Automated synthesis allows for discovery of unexpected charge transport behavior in organic molecules

Automated synthesis platform in the Molecule Marker Lab. Credit: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign A cross-disciplinary University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) team has demonstrated a major breakthrough in using automated synthesis to discover new molecules for organic electronics applications. The technology that enabled the discovery relies on an automated platform for rapid molecular synthesis at … Read more

New technique shows in detail where drug molecules hit their targets in the body

A team at Scripps Research invented a new method, called CATCH, that shows how drugs hit their targets in the body. Cells targeted by a drug (pargyline shown in cyan) can be identified by multiple rounds of immunolabeling (red showing neurons; yellow showing dopaminergic/noradrenergic neurons; blue showing cell nuclei). Credit: Scripps Research Scientists at Scripps … Read more

Research reveals a new mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in the nanoscale field

Nature Communications (2022)” width=”685″ height=”530″/> a Illustrations of Rshort and Rlong devices. b Definition of the rotational angle θ. c Detail of the inlet portion of fluidic devices. To achieve a concentric hydrodynamic 3D focusing, a 2 mm long concentric needle was designed to deliver the solution injected through the central inlet at the center … Read more