NASA’s DART asteroid mission is a rare opportunity for scientists

Before NASA’s planetary defense probe DART self-destructs by slamming into the asteroid Dimorphos next week, it will offer views of only the sixth asteroid we will have ever seen up close. Scientists are eager to get their hands on those images, as they admit that we know extremely little about the space rocks potentially threatening … Read more

Ground-based telescopes are key to DART asteroid mission success

For NASA’s DART spacecraft, the drama happens in space — but mission success relies on telescopes back on Earth. On Monday (Sept. 26), the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft will slam into a small space rock called Dimorphos — on purpose, at a staggering 4 miles (6.6 kilometers) per second. The exercise comes in … Read more

DART asteroid-smashing mission ‘on track for an impact,’ NASA says

NASA is just days away from slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) from Earth. The agency’s long-awaited Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission will impact with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos on Monday (Sept. 26), if all goes according to plan. The DART mission launched on Nov. 23, 2021 on … Read more

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 astronauts ready for a historic mission

SpaceX’s next Crew Dragon astronaut launch for NASA will see a new country represented in one of the sleek white spacesuits. Russia’s Anna Kikina will take a seat on SpaceX with two American astronauts and a Japanese astronaut on the mission. The foursome will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) no earlier than Oct. … Read more

Revealing spacecraft geometry effects on impact simulations for NASA’s DART mission

The same DART spacecraft impact can result in very different craters on Dimorphos depending on what the asteroid material is like. The crater on the left is the result if Dimorphos is composed of strong rocky material, while the much larger crater shown on the right could occur if the Dimorphos is made up of … Read more

NASA’s DART asteroid-impact mission will be a key test of planetary defense

When NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) slams into the tiny asteroid Dimorphos, it will be our first attempt to demonstrate our ability to deflect dangerous incoming asteroids. For decades, scientists around the world have been scanning the skysearching for potentially hazardous asteroids in the vicinity of Earth. And as astronomers discover near-Earth asteroids in … Read more

SpaceX to launch Starlink 4-2 mission with BlueWalker 3 rideshare

SpaceX is set to launch the Starlink 4-2 rideshare mission on Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 9:10 PM EDT (01:10 UTC on September 11) from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Onboard Falcon 9 will be 34 SpaceX Starlink satellites and the BlueWalker 3 prototype satellite for AST SpaceMobile’s … Read more

Don Lind, shuttle astronaut whose moon mission was canceled, dies at 92

Don Lind, a former NASA astronaut who helped plan humanity’s first moonwalk before launching on the space shuttle, has died at the age of 92. Lind’s death on Tuesday (opens in new tab) (Aug. 30) was first reported by the Herald Journal in Logan, Utah. “Don is as close to the true ‘Renaissance Man’ — … Read more

NASA proceeding with Saturday launch attempt for Artemis 1 moon mission – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket on pad 39B. Credit: Walter Scriptunas II / Spaceflight Now Confident that out-of-bounds engine temperature readings during Monday’s Artemis 1 countdown came from a bad sensor, NASA officials gave the green light Thursday to move forward with another try Saturday afternoon to launch the agency’s giant new moon rocket … Read more

New Perseverance Rock Samples Were Altered by Water. They’ll be Coming Back to Earth in the Sample Return Mission

The Perseverance rover is enjoying a bit of a winning streak lately! For the past year and a half, the rover has been exploring the Jezero crater on Mars to learn more about the planet’s past. As part of this mission, Perseverance is obtaining samples of Martian rock and soil that it will set aside … Read more