See the ‘Wonderful Star’ Mira at its peak brightness this week

This week, the “Wonderful Star” is expected to reach its peak brightness and should be readily visible to the naked eye. This Wonderful Star is Mira, located in the constellation Cetus (the whale), and what makes it wonderful is its ability to vary in brightness by some 250-fold over a span of about 332 days, … Read more

Titan Occults a Bright Star, Mira Awakens, and Comet PanSTARRS Shines – Sky & Telescope

On Saturday morning, July 9th, Titan will occult the star HD 207123 for observers across much of the US except for the Northeast. This view depicts the scene from Dallas, Texas, at 4:19 am local time at the start of the occultation. The enlarged view is for clarity — Titan’s disk is only 0.8″ across! … Read more