New method allows scientists to determine all the molecules present in the lysosomes of mice

A cartoon representation of the new method, which allows scientists to isolate the lysosomes (left) of any cell in a mouse to analyze and identify using mass spectrometry (right) all the molecules inside them. Credit: Cindy Lin Small but mighty, lysosomes play a surprisingly important role in cells despite their diminutive size. Making up only … Read more

Researchers engineer first sustainable chromosome changes in mice

By fusing two medium-sized chromosomes, researchers produced the first sustainable engineered karyotype for lab mice. This mouse carries two chromosomes fused together. Credit: WANG Qiang Evolutionary chromosomal changes may take a million years in nature, but researchers are now reporting a novel technique enabling programmable chromosome fusion that has successfully produced mice with genetic changes … Read more

Small molecule transports iron in mice, human cells to treat some forms of anemia

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A natural small molecule derived from a cypress tree can transport iron in live mice and human cells lacking the protein that normally does the job, easing a buildup of iron in the liver and restoring hemoglobin and red blood cell production, a new study found. Stemming from a collaboration between … Read more

How to control invasive rats and mice at home without harming native wildlife

Credit: Shutterstock As I write this article, a furry blur of a rodent has just scampered across the room and under the couch. It’s autumn in Australia and, as air temperatures outside, rodents start seeking the warmth and plentiful food inside our houses. This is a familiar experience for many of us, whether it’s a … Read more