New method allows scientists to determine all the molecules present in the lysosomes of mice

A cartoon representation of the new method, which allows scientists to isolate the lysosomes (left) of any cell in a mouse to analyze and identify using mass spectrometry (right) all the molecules inside them. Credit: Cindy Lin Small but mighty, lysosomes play a surprisingly important role in cells despite their diminutive size. Making up only … Read more

Physicists demo method for designing topological metals

Credit: CC0 Public Domain US and European physicists have demonstrated a new method for predicting whether metallic compounds are likely to host topological states that arise from strong electron interactions. Physicists from Rice University, leading the research and collaborating with physicists from Stony Brook University, Austria’s Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Los Alamos National … Read more

Scientists use novel method to make a promising battery material

Images produced by transmission electron microscopy verified the transformation of the electrode material from a disordered arrangement of atoms (left) to an ordered, crystalline structure (right). Credit: Argonne National Laboratory Charging and discharging a battery cell transforms its electrode material into a “super” material. Over the last decade, advances in research and development have led … Read more

New method to more quickly and accurately find antigens that trigger specific immune cells

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A cell’s secrets can be divulged by its surface, decorated with tens to hundreds of thousands of molecules that help immune cells determine friend from foe. Some of those protruding molecules are antigens that trigger the immune system to attack, but it can be difficult for scientists to identify those antigens, … Read more

New method to systematically find optimal quantum operation sequences for quantum computers

Quantum operation sequence (conceptual diagram). The six horizontal blue lines represent six qubits, with the input on the left and the output on the right. Operations are executed from left to right. Each red square represents a 1-qubit operation, and each green vertical line connecting two blue lines represents a 2-qubit operation. The optimal quantum … Read more

‘Forever chemicals’ destroyed by simple new method

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain PFAS, a group of manufactured chemicals commonly used since the 1940s, are called “forever chemicals” for a reason. Bacteria can’t eat them; fire can’t incinerate them; and water can’t dilute them. And, if these toxic chemicals are buried, they leach into surrounding soil, becoming a persistent problem for generations to come. … Read more

Rising seas are trouble for Charleston’s booming community. This method may prevent disaster

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In Charleston, a place where street lines blur with sunny day tidal flooding and major storms dump enough water on downtown that one can kayak the deluge, Dale Morris is right at home. After all, water—its function, resource and the very element that threatens to sink the historic city—is what made … Read more

A new method boosts wind farms’ energy output, without new equipment

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Virtually all wind turbines, which produce more than 5 percent of the world’s electricity, are controlled as if they were individual, free-standing units. In fact, the vast majority are part of larger wind farm installations involving dozens or even hundreds of turbines, whose wakes can affect each other. Now, engineers at … Read more

See-through zebrafish, new imaging method put blood stem cells in high-resolution spotlight

Tracing features in a large 3D electron microscopy dataset reveals a zebrafish blood stem cell (in green) and its surrounding niche support cells, a group photo method that will help researchers understand factors that contribute to blood stem cell health—which could in turn help develop therapies for blood diseases and cancers. Credit: Keunyoung Kim For … Read more

Scientists reveal method of converting methane gas into liquid methanol

The conversion took place under ambient temperature and pressure conditions, which could enable methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to be used to produce fuel. Credit: UFSCAR A group of researchers has succeeded in converting methane into methanol using light and dispersed transition metals such as copper in a process known as photo-oxidation. According to an … Read more